College Football Preview 2018-19

College Football Preview

By Andrew Kalb

 The time is almost here, The return of college football season (better than the NFL). The saturday morning games, lee corso’s picks and all the creative signs from fans. This past Monday the 2018-19 AP preseason poll was been released. As always there is much talk about the rankings, some teams rated too low and some teams rated too high. The poll being based on how the press believes certain teams will perform throughout the season, of course some fans will be disappointed or over excited on how their team will do this season. The top 25 pans out as this #25 LSU #24 Oregon  #23 Texas  #22 Boise State  #21 UCF  #20 Virginia Tech #19 Florida St.  #18 Mississippi St.  #17 West Virginia  #16 TCU  #15 USC  #14 Michigan  #13 Stanford  #12 Notre Dame  #11 Michigan St. #10 Penn St.  #9 Auburn  #8 Miami  #7 Oklahoma  #6 Washington  #5 Ohio St.  #4 Wisconsin  #3 Georgia  #2 Clemson and who else but Alabama at #1. Let’s get into my takeaways from the preseason rankings and season predictions.

 . Many things stand out to me from these preseason rankings like the rank of Michigan, Michigan St., Oklahoma, UCF and Washington. Michigan at #14 and Michigan St. at #11 completely baffles me. Great for the B1G TEN East but to have Michigan St. over Michigan is just wrong. With the new QB in Michigan Shea Patterson, transfer from Ole Miss, Michigan should have a great season ahead of them with possibly a trip to the College Football Playoffs. I understand Michigan hasn’t performed great in the past couple seasons but there is no arguing about the strength of there defense. The defense was great last year but what made them have such a poor season was the QB position and with a great new QB in Ann Arbor and Rashan Gary and the defense Michigan could have a potential National Championship season ahead of them. Now onto Oklahoma at #7 I mean don’t get me wrong they are a team with tons of talent, Kyler Murray (better at baseball than football), Marquise Brown, Rodney Anderson, and great coaching but the question lies within the defense. Also you can’t not talk about them losing one of the best college football players of all time, Baker Mayfield. Before Baker came to OU they weren’t that great so I believe the same will happen after he leaves. Finally to talk about the reigning National Champions, The UCF Knights. To be honest what UCF did last year was quite impressive, winning their conference, going undefeated and upsetting Auburn in the peach bowl. After a great undefeated season last year I cannot see them repeating that even in a group of 5 conference. One of the big reasons they had a great season is a couple of key players but most importantly their coach Scott Frost is no longer there and moved onto a better job in the B1G TEN at Nebraska. Sorry UCF fans but i can’t see you guys winning more than 5 games and finishing ranked as #21. The University of Washington Huskies or as I like to call them… just garbage. Sorry Washington but to think your team is actually better than Miami, Penn state, Auburn and Notre Dame is just plain crazy. The Huskies play in the worst power 5 conference and are only perceived as good because of that. If they played even in the second worst power 5 conference which would probably be the ACC, sorry to Clemson, Florida State and Miami (lol maybe Notre Dame) but other than them there are really no great teams in the conference, they would probably go about .500. The year they made the College Football playoffs they were blown out of the water by Alabama 24-7. Sorry Washington fans but your team just simply overrated and not as good as people think they are.

Now to talk about end of the year predictions. Doing all top 25 teams is entirely too much to do so I will predict the 4 playoff teams, playoff semifinal games and National Championship game and the 2 left out of the playoffs (they actually should be in because this playoff is stupid but whatever). So coming in at #1 I have the Georgia Bulldogs going 13-0 and winning the SEC. Jake Fromm and Deondre Swift both have huge years and Georgia’s outstanding defense performs all year giving them an undefeated record. At #2 I have The Michigan Wolverines going 12-1 losing to only Ohio State. Michigan will still win the B1G TEN East and go on to win the B1G TEN as a whole despite a loss to Ohio State. Shea Patterson will have a great year at QB and the defense will succeed during the season leaving many teams to low scores. At #3 is the Clemson Tigers going 12-1 losing to FSU and then going on to win the ACC. With a great year out of Kelly Bryant and the defense they bulldoze through the competition leading them to #3. Finally we have the #4 and last team into the playoffs. This prediction may come as a surprise but I believe this team will have a breakout year. This team is the Texas Longhorns going 12-1 losing only to a great team in USC. Texas has a Huge year winning the Big 12 and returning to the old Texas that was once great.

Semifinal game 1

#2 Michigan vs #3 Clemson, Michigan 21 Clemson 17

Semifinal game 2

#1 Georgia vs #4 Texas, Georgia 31 Texas 20

National Championship

#1 Georgia vs #2 Michigan, Michigan 28 Georgia 24

Michigan is crowned the National Champion after a hard fought season proving everyone wrong. Now to get into the first 2 teams out at #5 we have Alabama Crimson Tide going 11-2 losing to LSU in Baton Rouge and Georgia in the SEC championship game. This would be the first year since the playoff was implemented that Alabama does not make an appearance and finally at #6 is Florida State at 11-2 losing to Notre Dame and Miami. Florida State comes back this year after a horrible season last year and returns back to what they once were.                   


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