People are questioning if Eli Manning is a Hall of Famer?!

Written by: Joe Ryan

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Alright, I’ve had about enough with this. I was just going to tweet out my thoughts on the topic, and then I remembered I have my own sports blogging website that I can freely share my thoughts.

This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Are people REALLY still trying to say Eli Manning is not a Hall of Famer? Like really?

The one argument people think they have is that the defense carried the Giants in the two Super Bowls. I have never heard more of a ridiculous, asinine comment in my entire life. First of all, I forgot that in football only the QB has to win the games. No one else is allowed to play well in the Super Bowl except the Quarterback. If you want to be an all time great QB, your team has to absolutely suck and then beat the most successful football organization of all time. And during those 2 games, ONLY the QB can be good. Everyone else has to suck. (Obvious sarcasm).

Football is the most team sport in the world. If you’re going to take down the best football team ever assembled, every single player has to be great, the coaches have to be great and you have to have some luck. To think that Eli got lucky or carried in those games is ridiculous. He outplayed the greatest QB to ever play the game of football, TWICE in those games. And sure, the Giants defense played very well in those games and helped shut down the best offense in the game but guess what? In BOTH games the Giants defense let up the lead that forced Eli Manning to drive 85+ plus yards to win the Super Bowl. Both times, Eli Manning led two of the greatest drives in NFL history, to win the Super Bowl.

I’m not an idiot. I understand the Giants defense played awesome and helped put so much pressure on Brady. The Giants defense those 2 years were savages but they needed to be savages. You can’t win a Super Bowl or any football game by yourself. Eli Manning was the Super Bowl MVP, twice, for a reason. And that’s not easy. Big Ben won 2 Super Bowls, and only has 1 SB MVP to his name. It’s not easy.

But if that doesn’t do it for you, let’s look at the stats.

  • NFL All Time Passing Yards — 51,682 (6th All Time)
  • NFL All Time Passes Completed — 4,424 (6th All Time)
  • NFL All Time Touchdowns — 339 (8th All Time)

Oh, and if that still doesn’t do for you well look at both Super Bowl RUNS. Eli Manning put the team on his absolute back to even get to the playoffs and then during the playoffs, Eli was the best Quarterback in the entire playoffs. The Giants averaged close to 24 points per game in those 8 games that they won the Super Bowl. That’s incredible for the postseason.

So, lets just throw out more things

  • 83.5 Passing Rating
  • 210 Consecutive Starts (2nd All Time) (Fuckkkkkk youuuuuuu Ben Mcadoo)
  • 4x Pro Bowler
  • Walter Payton NFL man of the year

Oh and also…


If Kurt Warner. Joe Namath and Warren Moon are in the Hall of Fame, Eli Manning should’ve been in Canton yesterday.

This is ridiculous. Eli Manning is a First Ballot.

Oh and again. The Great David Diehl came to Eli Manning defense to show the Eli is a first Ballot.

David Diehl posted that on his twitter. And all of it 1000000000% true. Thank you Diehl. I knew that’s why I always loved you.

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