WingSpan’s Definitive 2018 NFL Uniform Rankings

(Photo by: Tennessee Titans)

Written By: Connor Hope

Twitter: @CondorianFM

32) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers should be respected for their desire to take a risk with their new uniforms, but this risk led to perhaps the unanimous worst uniform in the NFL. The earthy tones are not the worst in the world, but the attempt to incorporate old and new colors led to a hodge-podge of stripes accents that are too much on the eye. Also, the numbers are the worst thing on any uniform in the NFL, and it isn’t even close.

31) Arizona Cardinals

This will be the only time I will complain about an all-white helmet, and for good reason. While the white helmets of some other teams on this list compliment their jersey colors, the white helmet and small logo of the Cardinals blends in to their all white uniforms and looks out of place on their black and red jerseys. If I were the Cardinals ownership I would scrap everything but the logo and the black uniform and rebrand as soon as possible.

30) Cincinnati Bengals

The stripes on the Bengals iconic helmet is pretty forgivable. The stripes on every other piece of the uniform, however, is not. I understand that Cincinnati wants to recreate the look of an actual Bengal tiger on the field, but all they are doing is adding a level of tackiness to the uniform. The white side panels on the jersey aren’t the worst idea, but look out of place do the stripes everywhere else.

29) Cleveland Browns

The fact that their best jersey is the color of human waste, tells you all you need to know about the Browns’ uniforms. Although, they should receive bonus points for matching their jerseys to their level of play. The huge “BROWNS” down the pants are a touch of flare that was neither needed nor advised. However, their simple helmets and lack of any real eyesore elements has kept them out of the bottom three.

28) Atlanta Falcons

I really like the Falcons’ black jersey combination, and their red jerseys, while bold, fit the color scheme well. However, the white jersey and black helmet just look out of place, as far as color combinations go. I am also not a huge fan of their logo, but that isn’t changing anytime soon. If Atlanta can figure out how to make a better looking away uniform, they could be higher on this list.

27) Baltimore Ravens

The dark menacing black and purple of the Ravens is a bold contrast for their cartoonish looking, shadowed numbers. This is only the beginning of Baltimore’s uniform issues, as they often wear their purple jerseys with black pants, giving the appearance of someone who couldn’t quite get his colors right in a dark closet. The one aspect I do enjoy, however, is the alternate logo on the sleeves, which provides a nice homage to the state of Maryland.

26) Carolina Panthers

Sure, the Panthers logo is pretty neat, but plastering it on both sides of the pants, jersey and helmet is overkill. I am also not a huge fan of the sleeve accent that surrounds the shoulder. However, the worst aspect of these uniforms may be the color palette, which makes the jerseys very metallic looking. Cam Newton is flashy enough for a softer blue to be used on the uniforms.

25) Kansas City Chiefs

One thing you will probably learn about me is that, for the most part, I do not like warm colors (yellow, red, and orange) as base colors for jerseys. The fact that the Chiefs two main colors are red AND yellow does not them any favors in my opinion. The logo on the side of the helmet is excellent, but the uniforms themselves are just a bit too loud for me.

24) Tennessee Titans

While I am not completely sold on the Titan’s new look, I am sure it will grow on me in the coming years. The navy blue helmet and sword shaped shoulder accents are a bit weird, but are certainly better than what they have been wearing the past few years. Unlike with the Buccaneers, the Titans’ unique numbers are just simple enough to fit the overall look and feel of the new jerseys.

23) New England Patriots

Despite being synonymous with success, the uniforms of the New England Patriots are not anything to write home about. Call me insane, but the Super Bowl wins are the only reason why the “Flying Elvis” logo has become a staple of the franchise. In fact, I would argue that a return to the royal blues and Pat Patriot logo would be a step in the right direction for the best franchise of the century so far.

22) Washington Redskins

Sock game on point! That is the first thing that comes to mind when I look at the Washington Redskins uniforms. The burgundy and gold color combination makes for great jerseys, and they Skins look great on the field. They only reason I have dropped them on this list is because of the helmet logo, which is a bit too one the nose for me, even though I am not part of the hate mob going after Dan Snyder.

21) Miami Dolphins

Some fans may have learned to accept the updated Dolphins logo, but I am holding fast to the idea that it is among the worst in the NFL. While I am not a huge fan of the aqua blue, even I have to admit that the combination with the orange accents does fit perfectly with the Miami name. I just don’t think I could ever take it seriously, which probably describes the Dolphins heading into this season.

20) Philadelphia Eagles

As is the case with the Ravens, the primary color for the Eagles is such a dark green that their green jerseys are almost indistinguishable from their black ones at a distance. At least they pair it with white pants to avoid the “dressed in the dark” look. I will say this about another team further up on this list, but please bring back the Kelly greens.

19) Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are the epitome of mediocrity when it comes to NFL uniforms. None of their combinations are bad, but none of them are really all that fantastic either. Their red alternates try to inject some flavor into their offerings, but comes off as a bit too bold. Add to this a log that is not really as iconic as others on this list, and they are perhaps the most forgetful uniforms on this list. However, their lack of any true misfires keeps them in the Top 20.

18) Jacksonville Jaguars

It is crazy how far simplifying an awful helmet design can push a team up these rankings. Sure, all teal uniforms may not please everyone, but I for one believe they will win people over. Other than removing the gold from the helmet, the Jaguars jerseys were also made simple: no side stripes, a single accent stripe on the sleeve and pretty attractive numbers. They aren’t terrific, but they could certainly be much worse.

17) Detroit Lions

Excellent color scheme? Check. Proper use of accents on numbers and sleeves? Check. Incorporating a lion that looks like it should be on a family coat of arms? Wait a second! The Detroit Lions jerseys are almost top half, almost. What holds them back, more than anything else is the logo, which looks a bit less intimidating than a lion should.

16) Denver Broncos

I want to say I hate the Broncos’ uniforms but that if not really the case. What I hate the decision to make the orange jerseys a primary uniform and move the blues to the alternate category. Orange may be my favorite color, but like yellow, is best utilized as an accent rather than a base. On top of that, their stylized side striping on both the jersey and the pants is a feature best reserved for the history books.

15) New York Jets

I may be in the minority, but I hope the recent news of new Jets uniforms coming in 2019 is a signal that Kelly Green is making a comeback. Don’t get me wrong the hunter green and oval logo are both clean. However, a return to the old Jets logo of the 80s and 90s, with the lighter Kelly green, would make Gang Green look less like a forest of trees, which is how their defense played last season.

14) Minnesota Vikings

Unlike the Ravens, the Vikings have managed to do purple right, and make it an acceptable color for the sport of football. Minnesota’s matte helmets, two-tone stripes and unique numbers all add the desired flare while maintaining a clean and respectable look. I could do without the all purple color rush jersey’s which look more like children’s pajamas than an NFL uniform.

13) New York Giants

Nothing says “playing it safe” quite like an all blue jersey with white numbers and no shoulder accents. That is exactly what the New York Football Giants are wearing these days, and it has many pros and cons. For one, their lack of ambitious uniform combinations prevents them from ever being an eye sore, and allows the rare alternate to shine. However, their simple jerseys prevent them from ever excelling in the uniform category.

12) Indianapolis Colts

When it comes to NFL uniforms, I am a huge fan of classic, and the Indianapolis Colts are about as classic as they come. While this does earn them points, classic styles do not have to be boring, and that is where the Colts fall short. The all-white combination is clean, and the horseshoe logo is okay, but there is nothing really special to separate the Colts from the rest of the league.

11) Los Angeles Chargers

Give me the powder blues as the primary home jersey and I will immediately move the Chargers up on the list. Not only to the Bolts have a clean helmet, they have also managed to make the unique lightening stripe on the sleeves look incredible. Their navy blue jerseys are not the best, which is why they fall outside the Top 10.

10) Buffalo Bills

While the Bills uniforms could be considered a bit too loud, their return to the classic look with the white helmet in 2012 did them a lot of favors. For one, their ability to switch helmet decals from the charging to the standing bull makes them one of the few teams with the ability to use a true throwback or alternate helmet.

9) Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks did the seemingly impossible with their current uniforms and made neon green accents look cool instead of tacky. The top “new age” uniforms on this list, the Seahawks combinations are among the coolest in the league. While I am not a huge fan of any of their white jersey combinations, their navy home uniform and wolf grey alternate have grown on me over the years.

8) Dallas Cowboys

It is only fitting that America’s Team has one of the more appealing uniforms in the NFL. Their look starts with the simple, yet recognizable star, which may be my favorite logo in the NFL. While their traditional blue and white jerseys are classic, their Color Rush Uniforms are just as solid. Now, if only the NFL would rescind the “single helmet per season” rule so that we could see the Thanksgiving alternates make a comeback.

7) New Orleans Saints

Black and Gold is always a solid color combination, and the Saints have taken it to a new level with their current uniforms. Their helmets are iconic, with the simple fleur-de-lis logo adding the perfect touch or elegance to their look. When it comes to their colors, the jerseys are near perfect, but the two-tone collar holds them back just a bit. That said, the all black uniforms are one of the most visually appealing combos in the NFL.

6) Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams could have been a lot lower on this list had it not been for their recent decision to wear their royal blue and gold throwbacks in five home games, compared to just two games for their current home jerseys. As it stands, the Rams current uniform is a work in progress, having already changed the helmet and pants to a clean white and navy, but when their new jerseys are released in 2020, they could make a case for the top spot on this list.

5) San Francisco 49ers

There are few, if any, helmets that look better than the gold domes of the San Francisco 49ers. Their jerseys for the most part, look similar to those they have worn in the past, but the two stripe accent on the sleeve gives them a slightly better feel. Fans may be sad to see the black alternate jersey’s retired in favor of the white 1994 throwbacks, but I like the classic feel of the new uniforms.

4) Chicago Bears

When it comes to simplicity and old school feel, nobody does it better than the Chicago Bears. From a simple helmet with a logo on each side and nothing else, to the retro looking jersey’s, the Bears lean on their classic look to instill a sense of history. Their orange alternate jerseys are also making a return, and are among the cleanest alternates in the entire NFL.

3) Green Bay Packers

Who thought green and yellow could look so good? One of the league’s most storied teams, the Green Bay Packers uniforms have not changed much and their logo is easily recognizable. Teams in the NFL are constantly trying to change their uniforms, often to their detriment. The Packers, however, have enough confidence in their product to ride with their iconic duds until the end.

2) Oakland Raiders

Nothing intimidates opposing teams quite like the simple, yet elegant, uniforms of the Oakland Raiders. It may be my love for the Silver & Black color combination, but the Raiders logo and simple uniforms are some of the few things the Davis family has gotten right with their franchise. While the move to Las Vegas is sure to shake things up, let’s hope the uniforms remain the same.

1) Pittsburgh Steelers

The “bumblebee” uniforms are essentially retired, and all that remains of the Steelers uniform lineup are solid combinations not even Color Rush could ruin. With a logo on just one side, and player numbers split by the single yellow pinstripe, Pittsburgh’s unique helmets are one of the best in the league. Add to that a color combination that screams confidence, and the Killer B’s look good while dominating.

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