Yoenis Cespedes to have Season Ending Surgery— Boycott the Mets

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeywingspan

Twitter:  @wingspansports  (follow for all your Sports needs by clicking the @wingspansports handle given there) (we’ll follow back, you won’t regret it)

According to the Mets and Yoenis Cespedes himself, the All Star outfielder will undergo season ending heel surgery that will take 8-10 months to heal.

It’s not even the fact that it’s season-ending surgery that matters, because the Mets are a quarter million games out of first place, but it’s the fact that Cespedes is going to miss 8-10 months. That means, Cespedes won’t return to baseball activities until during or after spring training and the Mets won’t see him in the lineup, BEST CASE scenario, Memorial Day 2019.

I mean, this is just insane at this point. I’ve been a Mets fan for as long as I could remember, but I’ve never seen a more incompetent organization in my entire life. First, the way the whole Cespedes injury was handled is a complete shame. Mickey Callaway was answering questions about it, even though he had no idea about the injury, the Mets had to see multiple doctors because the 2nd doctor was out of town (like what?!?). And then, we don’t even hear about the injury until Yo casually mentions it after he hits a bomb of a homerun and after the Mets beat the Yankees. Every Mets fan thought he was back healthy and then he plays one game and then out 8-10 months.

And I’m not even blaming Yoenis. He’s a great Met. He’s done everything right. Injuries happen. It’s part of sports. He carried us to a World Series.

Seriously, enough is enough.

Especially with this “ownership”.

Is Jeff Wilpon kidding me? Is the MLB seriously going to continue to allow this clown to own this team? How is a professional organization, in the largest market, allowed to be run like this?

Basically, the tweet says, the Mets didn’t lose any money in the David Wright contract, they’re not going to lose any big time money form the Yoenis contract, because of the insurance plan the Mets have, but the Mets still count it towards the payroll.

Let me break that down even more. The contract counts toward the payroll, the Mets make the money back through insurance, they don’t lose anything, the Mets refuse to use that money they go back to get better players!

How can that be acceptable in the biggest market on planet earth?!?! As Mets fans, we can’t hope and wait the Wilpons will chance. They’re not going to change. Us fans have to change.

BOYCOTT this team. Don’t go to games. Don’t buy merchandise. Don’t watch the TV station (as much as I love Gary, Keith and Ron, the Mets own SNY) don’t invest your time into this team. If us fans can come together and actually boycott this team and the Mets de a significant decrease in sales and money, the Wilpons will have no other choice to sell.

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