State of the Union-New York Mets

The Mets season started off great, hope was in the air everyone was healthy and then disaster struck.  Key players got hurt, our manager showed he was a rookie and our general manger had to take a leave of absence from the team due to health issues.  Right now the season is over and the Wilpon’s have decided they should be in charge of making baseball decisions.  Our best offensive player revealed he will need a surgery that will sideline him for 8-10 months and our best pitcher is upset we will not extend him. So what needs to happen for this franchise moving forward

1- Hire a new Gm-  Sandy Alderson has done a decent job with this team over the years.  He hit some home runs with trades but has been terrible in his free agent signings and the draft.  Overall I am not unhappy with Sandy’s performance because he inherited a mess and has been hamstrung by cheap owners and still managed to get us to a World Series and a playoff appearance.  The problem though is Sandy Alderson is a sick man and that become very clear this year.  I wish Sandy the best and appreciated his efforts here but it is time to move on not only for our sake but his.  The Wilpon family can not be in charge of baseball decision not only are they not good a it but very rarely does that strategy work in professional sports.  Owners who are to involved generally cause more problems for their teams than they do good.  We need to appoint somoene General Manger and give them full control again.

2- Establish a core and build off of it-  The saddest part of this team is we have talent.  Now talent does not always mean success especially when they are constantly hurt but it is nice to have.  The core of this team needs to be set in stone.  That core to me is Degrom, Noah, Matz, Conforto,and Rosario.  Everyone else can be moved in my opinion but these are the guys we need to build around.  We need to extend Degrom and let him know he is the leader of this team.  It is good for moral and he deserves it.  Conforto needs to be put back in left field because while he has played well in center and right it is very clear to me that besides his shoulder injury maybe lingering in his mind he is not nearly as comfortable this season.  In left he is a plus defender and I firmly believe it will relax him overall not worrying about manning center field.  Matz and Noah have to much upside to move and having 3/5 of your rotation comprised of those guys puts us in position to win as early as next year.  Rosario is starting to hit and will be a great player for us if we just let him be.

3-  Sign a star-  Manny Machado or Bryce Harper need to be in the cards for us.  Enough is enough with this small market mentality.  We have a clear need for a face of the franchise and both of those guys are once in a generation type talents.  I always wonder what would of happened if the Mets Signed AROD back in the day or Vlad Guerrero or Matt Holiday.  It is time to overpay a guy and show the fans and the league the Mets are here to compete.  We have the pitching we need that middle of the order bat to lead us. It is a shame what has happened with Yoenis Cespedes and his injuries but we all see what a difference a player like that makes in a lineup.  We can not count on him moving forward and those 2 guys we have to be in the mix for.

4- Bring up Peter Alonso-  First base has been a hole since Carlos Delgado left and we have a power hitter in Alonso sitting in Triple A.  Wilmer is a nice player as a utility man and very important to a good team.  I need to see what Peter Alonso has right now however because if he shows a 40 home run bat we can allocate our assets to fixing the bullpen and signing a star.  This kid has been compared to a young Mark Mcgwire and it is time to see what he has.  We messed up with Dom Smith as we still do not know what we have in him.  You need to call up this kid and let him play everyday for the rest of the season.  He is a older prospect because he played at Florida so I am not worried about rushing him.  It is time for the Mets to see what they have in these young guys and let them struggle in a lost season and go into next season with a  clear picture of what we need.

I do not think we need a full rebuild but we need a GM in place and some brash moves and we will be fine.  The Wilpons need to stay away from baseball operation and let the new GM run the show and just sign the checks.

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