Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs make Demar Derozan- Kawhi Leonard swap

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeywingspan

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The NBA is so awesome. I love everything about it. And listen, I’ll say it agin like I always have. The rankings of the NBA season goes as such.

1. NBA Finals

2. NBA Offseason

3. NBA Trade Deadline

4. NBA Playoffs






979. NBA Regular Season

But I’ll say this much, #2 is definitely closing in on #1 lately.

So, another huge trade just went down in the NBA world. Most people probably don’t even know it happened yet and won’t know for a few more hours. Why? Well, Shams and Woj are up at 4 am tweeting that the deal is “imminent” and it’s gonna happen soon.

Of course, I’m a loser who keeps his phone on high ring during this time of year so I don’t miss news like that.

But breaking down the trade, the Spurs definitely won this trade and I really am confused what the Raptors are doing here. For starters, the Spurs get back an all-star player who has been getting better and better each year. Slide Derozan into Pops system, with LA12 and other really good role players around him, and Derozan has the opportunity to produce the same way Kawhi produced for them. The Spurs made the playoffs last year as a 7 seed and only had Kawhi 9 games. Imagine that team with Demar Derozan for an entire year? The Spurs will be back into the top 5 in a loaded Western Conference and now has the team to make a run at a title for the next few years.

Now, the Raptors. I’m very confused by this. You get a player back, that sure when healthy is a top 3 player in the league, but a player who has turned very selfish and all about himself. He has proclaimed over and over again that he wants to play in a large market so he can be recognized like these other star players. He especially wanted to be traded to LA. Do the Raptors actually think they can market Kawhi better than when he played for one of the best organizations in all of sports? And now you get this guy, who probably will only be there for a year, only to lose in the ECF. And that’s IF they get to the ECF. Instead, you trade one of the best players in franchise history?

And I get it, the Raptors needed to make a change. They did that by firing Casey, which was a weird move to begin with. But if you’re gonna shake things up and have a mini rebuild, why trade for one year of Kawhi when you could’ve brought Andrew Wiggins, a 23 year old rising star, back home where he really wants to play. And then you have pieces to build around for 5 years instead of 1 year of Kawhi.

This move really confuses me for the Raptors.

But also, gotta feel for Demar Derozan. Gave everything to the Toronto Raptors and was just blindsided by the trade.

He had the opportunity to leave in FA but re-upped with TOR. Also was told he wasn’t going to be traded days ago. That’s just the cold, brutal business sports is.

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