BREAKING: Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio; demands trade from Spurs

Holy Shit!!! Talk about a Shams Bomb.

Kawhi Leonard has now made it official he wants out of San Antonio. What a story to break five days before the draft.

And where does Kawhi prefer to play? Well Woj has us covered there:

The Lakers! His hometown team and a team with the flexibility to add two max contracts this offseason.

Remember those rumors of LeBron’s son enrolling in an LA high school to play basketball? Well, if Kawhi is heading to LA, bet everything on LeBron joining him there.

Now how would a trade to LA work for the Spurs. Actually pretty simply considering it may be the best package the Spurs get.

Brandon Ingram (or Lonzo Ball based on Spurs preference), Luol Deng for cap fillers and Kyle Kuzma (or Josh Hart and the 25th pick).

The Lakers would then be free to sign LeBron and Paul George. Imagine that big 3 and the western conference playoff matchups between the Lakers, Rockets, and Warriors. Unbelievable.

However, the Lakers may not be the only destination for Kawhi.

Ian Begley followed up with this juicy rumor:

Would the Knicks deal KP for Leonard if they knew Leonard would sign a max extension for 5 years? Quite possibly yes. Especially with KP coming off an ACL tear.

But what about a Hardaway, Dotson, pick 9, and a future first? Does that entertain the Spurs? Doesn’t seem like a lot but the Spurs will have no leverage.

Regardless, Kawhi is being dealt this offseason. Every team with assets will try and make the move.

Celtics and 76ers will be sure bidders for Kawhi.

The Clippers can offer 12/13 and Tobias Harris for Kawhi.

The Warriors if they want to get crazy can offer Klay, Jordan Bell and 28 for Kawhi.

Point is there will be no shortages of options for Leonard.

Man, the NBA is awesome.

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