Rob Gronkowski on the move?

Barstools fearless leader Dave Portnoy sent Twitter into a frenzy with a tweet saying he was hearing reports that Rob Gronkowski may or may not be a Patriot by the end of the day.

Now there’s been no official report for any NFL writers but this is certainly news worth noting.

Barstool has been known to break stories well ahead of the media and Portnoy isn’t likely to put up a nonsense tweet like that unless there was some truth behind it.

Rumors have circulated the past two seasons about the Patriots releasing or trading Gronkowski due to his injury history and lack of ability to stay on the field.

Gronkowski himself has even flirted with retirement. More is sure to come but keep this on your radar throughout the day. Big news may be coming out of the NFL this afternoon.

One comment

  1. As a Patriots fan , I’m hoping not. They always seem to have rumors about Gronk. I also not happy about JE11 being out 4 games for PEDS and I’m glad he’s appealing it. This dude Guerrero is getting on my nerves and he needs to just work with Brady and leave the other Pats players the hell alone


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