Mets sign Jose Bautista

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeywingspan 

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Typical Wilpons and Mets move. Always sign the superstar after the superstar years.

Listen, Jose Bautista is on the last 3 holes of his career. His first 9 were okay to decent, and then holes 10-16 were phenomenal, all star years and not the last few, well, he’s just about done.

But, he’s still Jose Bautista and he still has a lot of power. As a Mets fan, I want ownership and management to go out their and sign a superstar while they’re in the superstar years. We’re supposed to act like a big market team, we gotta act like it. But for right now, I like the move to sign Bautista.

Lagares is our for the year and Cespedes is still on the DL. That means at the moment we have no right handed outfielders to play. Bautista signing makes tons of sense and he can be a guy hat you slide in batting 5th or 6th and still jack some Home runs.

Who knows, maybe Bautista finds a groove again and performs like the 6 time all star that he was.

All in all, the Mets needed an extra outfielder, they needed a right hander off the bench and they needed power. That’s exactly what they get with Bautista. Can’t hate that.


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