Nick Bosa called a Racist?

Written by: Joe Ryan

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Nick Bosa has been in the Twitter news lately and for all the wrong reasons. Not that Nick Bosa did anything wrong. He didn’t break a law, he didn’t take money from an agent early while he’s still in the NCAA, he didn’t take PED’s, hell he didn’t do really anything.

The reason why Nick Bosa is in the news for the wrong reasons? It’s because he had his own opinion. That is why he’s in the news.

Mike Freeman put together a tweet together of all of Nick Bosa’s old tweets, to “claim” that Bosa is a racist.

Here are the reasons:



Like comeeeeee onnnnnnn.

Is this where we are in the sports media industry? So, to summarize, Mike Freeman thinks that Bosa is a racist because Bosa believes that 1. The Blank Panther movie was average, 2. Beyonce music is “trash” and 3. Colin Kaepernick is a “clown”.

What do all these 3 things have in common? All 3 of them revolve around the black color of their skin. Is it racist? Hell no! Only if you are so triggered by so little things in life do you think that this is racist.

Why because he didn’t like a movie? Many people said that Black Panther is racist.

If Bosa was racist, then wouldn’t he say that EVERY movie that involved a black person is a bad movie?

Is it because he doesn’t like Beyonce’s music? I don’t like her music, am I racist? Hell no

So, Bosa doesn’t listen to any music from a black person? I find that extremely doubtful. If he did, and went out of his way to never listen to music from a black person, then sure that’s racist. But not liking one artist? Get outta here.



Bosa says that Kaepernick is a clown.

To be honest, Kaepernick is a clown. He is one of the most disrespectful, ill-mannered and annoying athletes in recent memory. I have no problem typing that, because that’s my opinion. And just like how he can be disrespectful towards law enforcement and show n respect for the flag, I have the right to show no respect for Kaepernick.

And I promise, I’m not the only person who believes this. Does me not liking one individual make me a racist? Hell no. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. If internally I didn’t like Kapernick but I pretended to like him that is racist because I’m treating him different because of his skin color. That is racist. Me not liking him shows that I don’t treat him any different because of his skin color.

Nick Bosa has plenty of black teammates. You think he hates all of them? Come onnnnnn people, let’s not get so soft in this world.

Nick Bosa had his opinions, opinions that a lot of people have. That is not racist. Stop trying to tear down a kid.


  1. First of all I don’t know that much about Nick Bosa, so I can’t say if he is racist or not. I didn’t see the movie Black Panther as I had no desire to see it and not a fan of Marvel Comics. Beyonce ‘ s music is trash. She’s a wannabe Tina Turner and Janet Jackson , but that’s an opinion of a black woman of a different generation . What I do disagree strongly with Bosa with is calling Capernick a “clown”. What’s wrong with standing up for what you believe in? I disagree with his stand on the police even though I have been followed by the police myself going to MY OWN HOUSE in a mostly white neighborhood of Torrance, California . All police are not like that . As for his taking a knee during the national anthem, I don’t like it but as a black person who’s grandfather , uncles , brother, and brother in law fought and served in world War I , two and Korea and got treated like SHIT when they came back to their own country , oh hell yeah I get where Capernick is coming from. I wouldn’t say Bosa is a racist, he’s entitled to his opinion as you and I are entitled to ours. But before you make a statement that “Capernick is a clown” understand and educate yourself why he’s doing these things. Bosa may have black teamates, but does he associate with them? Neo Nazis and Klan members work with minorities also, and they don’t always wear their white hoods in public, just saying.

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    1. Completely understand where your coming from and I respect what your opinions are and your thoughts. I have my thoughts on Kaepernick as my father was a police officer for 20 years. I don’t like that he knees during the anthem, there is other ways to protest. There are people from our country dying to protect our freedom. Give them the respect they deserve and earned. That’s my opinion on it. But to think that Bosa doesn’t associate with his teammates or calling him a racist just can’t be true based off the tweets


      1. Thank you. I never knew my grandfather but I remember the stories especially from uncles fighting in World War 2. Horrible, just horrible . Yes there are other ways that Capernick could have shown his displeasure but not to show my age , he didn’t burn the flag, spit on it, wear it as clothing, or talk during the national anthem as went on during the Vietnam War Era and it was the white kids doing that stuff, not black people. When Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists during the National anthem in the 1968 Olympics , it wasn’t disrespectful . They were quiet as Capernick was. He took a knee and was silent. As for Bosa, I don’t know him but I can tell you that a lot of white athletes when they go to college, the only minorities that they see are on their teams or in classes and they don’t know how to react to them. That doesn’t mean that they’re racists, they just don’t know and haven’t been taught.

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