March Madness — Sweet 16 Predictions

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeywingspan

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Alright, everyone breathe.

I don’t know what happened this weekend. I literally have no idea.

Arizona got blown out, Cincinnati lost a 22 point lead, North Carolina didn’t fare well against Texas A&M, Michigan State lost to Syracuse in the Round of 32, Loyola-Chicago beat both Miami and Tennessee on buzzer beaters.

What an absolute wild weekend that is in the March Madness tournament.

Surely, I can’t be missing anything that happened over the weekend could I?

Did (16) UMBC really dominate (1) Virginia by 20 POINTS ?!?!?! To be the first 16 seed to win vs a 1 seed !! And not just a regular 1 seed, the overall number 1 seed !! The team that dominated everyone all year, gets dominated by UMBC !!

What a freaking tournament this is. This is why you gotta love March Madness.

So, let’s try and predict the Sweet 16, surely there can’t be anymore upsets…..

South Region

(5) Kentucky over (9) Kansas State

(11) Loyola-Chicago over (7) Nevada

*I don’t bet against God*

West Region

(4) Gonzaga over (9) Florida State

(7) Texas A&M over (3) Michigan

East Region 

(1) Villanova over (5) West Virginia

I really want to go WVU here, but in a close game, I think Villanova gets by and advances to the Elite 8.

(3) Texas Tech over (2) Purdue

Without Haas, Purdue is going to have trouble with the Texas Tech’s size and athleticism down low.

Midwest Region

(1) Kansas vs (5) Clemson

I refuse to pick this game, as Kansas is my favorite team. I’m very superstitious. This game is going to be very close so pick as you choose.

(2) Duke over (11) Syracuse

*Everyone one of these picks could be dead wrong because this tournament is absolutely wild*

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