Kansas clinches Big 12 Tournament — Silencing the Haters.

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeywingspan


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This season is special. This team has FAR exceeded my expectations for this year.

Last night, the Kansas Jayhawks didn’t give the doubters anything. Any hate that they shouldn’t of won the Big 12 (which is asinine) or that this is Bill Selfs worst team in years, all that hate was put to bed.

Last night, the Kansas Jayhawks cliched the BIG 12 tournament championship. Malik Newman lead the Jayhawks with 24 points per game in three games and the winning tournament MVP.

In the championship game against West Virginia, once again, Devonte Graham stepped up. After a sort of below average first half, for Devonte’s standards at least, Graham proved he is a born winner, finishing the game with 18 points and 13 assists. Sealing the title for the Jayhawks.

The most impressive part of all of this, is that the Jayhawks won the tournament without Udoka Azibuke, who leads the NATION in field goal percentage and before this tournament, the only real big man for the Jayhawks.

That all changed.

Silvio de Sousa became a man during this three-game stretch. After barley playing at all during he regular season, de Sousa got his opportunity and took every advantage of it with Udoka being out.

de Sousa became a key player for the Jayhawks now. He gained so much confidence playing in these big games and now allows Kansas to have more depth and more confidence going into the tournament. de Sousa can play big minutes if Udoka gets in foul trouble and Kansas has the opportunity now to not miss a beat. At first I thought Kansas season was over after the Udoka injury, but if he can come back healthy and 100% and now with de Sousa playing at such a high level and confidence, this Kansas season, hopefully, is just starting. Regardless what happens, this has been such a fun Kansas team to watch.

This team doesn’t quit. They’ll do whatever it takes to win. They want to win they love being he underdogs. They love being counted out. So keep doubting them. Keep counting them out. They love proving the haters wrong.

I never want this season to end.

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