Giants Trade for Ram’s Linebacker Alec Ogletree

The Giants have finally addressed their need for an athletic linebacker by acquiring Alec Ogletree from the Rams.  The deal breaks down like this…

Giants Receive- Alec Ogletree and 2019 7th round draft pick

Rams Receive- 2018 4th and 6th round pick.

Alec Ogletree as it stands today will count for 10-million dollars against the cap for 2018.  His base salary is three million and other seven million is a roster bonus that he is due March 16th.  The Giants will surely transfer that roster bonus into a signing bonus which then can be spread out over the coarse of Alec Ogletree’s contract.  Alec Ogletree just signed a four-year 42-million dollar extension with the Rams before they traded him to the Giants.  By changing the roster bonus to a signing bonus Alec Ogletree will still receive 10 million next season but his cap number would drop to 4.75 million dollars.

This is a win for the Giants but not a home run as it may appear.  Alec Ogletree is  tremendous upgrade compared to what the Giants have had at the position over the past four seasons.  They also still have a fourth round pick  in this draft because the pick that they traded was a compensation pick granted to them by the NFL.  Alec Ogletree is also still only 26-years old so he has plenty of years left of good football on a reasonable contract.

What makes this trade not a home run is the fit of Alec Ogletree in new defensive coordinator James Bettcher scheme.  Part of the reason the Rams were willing to move Alec Ogletree was last season under Wade Phillips and his 3-4 defense Alec Ogletree struggled in run defense and tackling as people felt he was to light and got pushed around inside in a 3-4 scheme.  Alec Ogletree is a converted safety and only weighs 235 pounds so this theory could be correct.  James Bettcher is expected to convert the Giants into a 3-4 scheme so we will how he decides to use Alec Ogletree.

Overall this trade is a big upgrade for the Giants defense and still leaves them in position to go sign Andrew Norwell which I have seen reported as a done deal.  The compensation pick helps to soften what the Giants had to give up and I think this move signals a desire to win now as oppose to rebuild.  I am on board with moves like this and as a Giant fan today I am feeling we made the right hire in David Gettleman.


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