Federal Documents show potential NCAA violations in latest FBI report

The Friday morning news dump. To me, this is exactly what this latest FBI scandal is revealing today.

To read the article Yahoo Sports posted, check it out here.

Yahoo Sports dropped the report that showed leaked documents from the investigation into college basketball’s top programs.

Programs such as Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Michigan State and more were all named in the report and could all be facing potential vacated seasons.

After reading the report, however, the violations do not seem as bad as originally speculated. Sure, there are some big bombshells. Here’s an excerpt from the Yahoo article:

  • Dennis Smith, who would go on to play at North Carolina State in 2016-17, received $43,500 according to the documents. Another document headed “Pina,” for ASM agent Stephen Pina, says Smith received a total of $73,500 in loans, and includes notes about “options to recoup the money” when Smith did not sign with ASM.
  • Isaiah Whitehead, at the time a freshman at Seton Hall, received $26,136 according to the documents. The “Pina” document says Whitehead received $37,657 and was “setting up payment plan.” Whitehead signed with ASM but later left the agency for Roc Nation.
  • Tim Quarterman, at the time a junior at LSU, received at least $16,000 according to the balance sheet.
  • Diamond Stone, at the time a freshman at Maryland, received $14,303 according to the documents.
  • A listing that refers to “BAM” for $12,000 is later identified in the documents as Edrice “Bam” Adebayo, who would go on to play at Kentucky in 2016-17. He did not sign with ASM. There’s a later reference to Adebayo that says he received $36,500. “Bad loan,” reads the document.
  • Markelle Fultz, who would go on to play at Washington and become the No. 1 pick in the 2017 draft, received $10,000 according to the documents. He did not sign with ASM.

Now that’s legit news that should scare each of these programs. North Carolina State, Seton Hall, LSU, Maryland, Kentucky and Washington fans have to be holding their collective breaths upon reading this part of the article. That’s no small chunk of change exchanging hands.

The next part of the article goes into former NBA agent Christian Dawkins and his role with high school and collegiate players at the time. Dawkins was seeking reimbursement of thousands of dollars from multiple players and their families.

Here’s who the article mentioned:

  • Current USC player Bennie Boatwright and/or his father, Bennie Sr. (According to documents, they received at least $2,000.)
  • Current USC player Chimezie Metu and/or adviser, Johnnie Parker. (According to documents, they received $2,000.)
  • Current Texas player Eric Davis. (According to documents, he received $1,500.)
  • Current South Carolina player Brian Bowen, who was ensnared in the initial federal investigation and started his career at Louisville last fall until the school withheld him from competition. His father, Brian Sr., also received money, according to the documents. (Dawkins’ expense reports also list more than $1,500 in plane tickets for Bowen, his father and his mother. He and his family received at least $7,000 in benefits, according to the documents.)
  • Former Utah star Kyle Kuzma received at least $9,500 while in school, according to the documents.
  • Former South Carolina player P.J. Dozier received at least $6,115 while in school, according to the documents.
  • Former Xavier player Edmond Sumner and/or his father, Ernest. Documents show they received at least $7,000 in advances while Edmond was in school.
  • Former Wichita State player Fred VanVleet. Documents show he received at least $1,000.
  • Former Clemson player Jaron Blossomgame received a payment by Venmo while in school for $1,100 according to the documents.
  • Apples Jones, the mother of former Kansas player Josh Jackson, received $2,700 according to documents.

To me this does not warrant any real damage to programs. Yeah, these players probably should have been suspended for a few games or a semester, but this is not program killing news and certainly should not justify vacating seasons.

The report then included players who received hundreds of dollars in expenses.

  • Current Alabama player Collin Sexton.
  • Current Duke player Wendell Carter.
  • Current Kentucky player Kevin Knox.
  • Former North Carolina player Tony Bradley.
  • Former Creighton player Justin Patton.
  • Former Texas player Prince Ibeh.
  • Former Notre Dame player Demetrius Jackson.
  • Former Vanderbilt player Wade Baldwin.
  • Former Virginia player Malcolm Brogdon.
  • Former Iowa State player Monte Morris.

The big scandal the article mentioned was that players get flights or lunches paid for when meeting with Dawkins. I mean, sure, this is technically an NCAA violation, but are we really going to kill programs for this?

If this is what a major part of this investigation is going to include, I think the big time programs will sleep easy tonight. I have a very hard time believing Mark Emmert is going to take down Jon Calipari and Coach K if their players were having lunches paid for.

Regardless, major infractions were presented and schools will go down. More information is bound to come out, but with the strange timing of the article this morning, this seems more of a news dump that’ll get lost in the weekend games and have little impact on the major programs. Time will tell in the long run, but college basketball fans should not worry to much at the current moment.

One comment

  1. I can’t believe we are still talking about this. So their parents were taken to lunch or given money, who cares? It’s not going to stop me from watching March Madness . The NCAA should be worrying about stuff like sexual abuses involving some of these schools like Michigan State , Baylor , Penn state , because it’s obvious that the schools don’t seem to know.


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