The Craziest Kansas Season Ever

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeywingspan 

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YEARSSSSSSSS off my life. Mini heart attacks, a quarter-million ulcers growing in my stomach, stress level to the max, can’t sleep at night, migraines that are lasting a lifetime, and all because of this Kansas basketball season.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way, because this is freaking awesome.

I have publicly said on my twitter account (@joeywingspan ) that this College Basketball season is drunk and I seriously mean that. I really think that this College Basketball season is drunk. There are no clear-cut favorites to win the title, teams that were supposed to be good fell flat on their faces, and for all we know, the College of Charleston can be hanging up a championship banner at the end of the year with everything going on with the FBI investigation.

But, there is one constant (at least for now), and that is the Kansas Jayhawks atop of the BIG 12 standings.

Bill Self is pulling out all the tricks he has in his sleeves for Kansas to capture a record breaking, 14th straight conference championship. Last night against West Virginia, the Jayhawks wore for the first time, the 2008 National Championship jerseys. And then, Frank Mason (the best KU player in recent memory) comes back to Lawrence to offer advice to these Jayahwks, but it just so happens that KU is retiring Cole Aldrich’s and Sherron Collins jerseys, two of the best Jayhawks ever, during the biggest two games of the year! Coincidence? Hell no. Kudos to you, Bill Self.

But back to this year’s team.

Let’s be honest, we all know this is the least talented, least experienced (except for 2013-2014), least deep team Bill Self has ever had at Kansas. And that’s fine, because this team has some real grit to them. They have the never die, never quit attitude and I love and hate every minute of it.

This Kansas team will not blow out another team the rest of the way. It’s just not going to happen, and I’m sorry to say Kansas fans but every game is going to come down to the final two minutes of every game. It is what it is.

But what should make Jayhawk fans feel better is that they might be the only team in the country that has played in these type of games, and that is because the BIG 12 is so good. The Jayhawks know how to win when the going gets tough and they know how to go on a run when they need to. They don’t play hard for 40 minutes and sometimes they lag off on defense. They don’t go for every rebound and that bites them in the ass when they look up at the scoreboard and they’re down 10. Sometimes they run out of time and they don’t always complete the comeback, but for the most part, they have a run in them that gets them within striking distance. Sure, I wish they wouldn’t have to do that, but like I said, it’s tough playing hard for 40 minutes and not getting much help from the bench.

Devonte Graham is an absolute superstar. He is doing everything he can to bring this Kansas team as far as he can. He is an All-American player, playing at an All-American level.

Now, there is four games left in this season. Four grueling games

Oklahoma (home)

@ Texas Tech

Texas (home — Senior night)

@ Oklahoma State

Sure, the Jayhawks can lose all four of these games, but the Jayhawks control their own destiny on capturing a 14th straight title. If they win out, they win the conference outright, and if they go 3-1 and that loss is NOT at Texas Tech, they are guaranteed a share of the conference title, which keeps the streak alive.

This team is shaping and molding into a team that can compete at a high level. They went from a strictly three-point shooting team, to a team that is not afraid to get dirty and get after it. Their numbers at the free throw line have improved drastically in conference play and their defense has been much better. Will that lead to a 14th straight title?

I don’t know, this College Basketball season is drunk and anything can happen.

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