Is it Time for Silvio de Sousa to Play More?

Written by: Joe Ryan

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Is it time for us Kansas fans to see more Silvio De Sousa?

I ask this question, because in my heart, I think we need to see more of Silvio. I understand that he is a young prospect, a guy who was playing high school basketball only two months ago. I’ll also say that he was dominating high school basketball about two months ago and now he’s ready to make an impart for this year’s Kansas team.

De Sousa was a focal point in next year’s recruiting class for the Jayhawks, but he decided that his services were needed earlier and reclassified into this recruiting class for the Jayhawks. But we haven’t seen De Sousa out there much. He has only played in seven games, averaging 2.7 minutes per game, scoring a total of two points, four rebounds (three offensive) and five turnovers. Obviously, a small sample size but nowhere near Big 12 good.

The 6-9″, 245 pound Power Forward has been with the Jayhawks since December 27th. Should he be further along now than he should is? Sure. But he’s not and that’s fine. It’s tough for a guy to come in and learn a whole new system, learn new teammates and coaches and expect to contribute right away. Right now, De Sousa is not contributing and has shown not a whole lot on the court that he is going to contribute anytime soon. Will he be better next year? 10000000000000%, absolutely. But what about this year?

What I’ve been hearing is that in practice, De Sousa shows some freakishly good athletic plays, plays at 100% with a big motor, and can rebound the ball well. He has good size and good skills. I think it is time to let him play. Yes, it may seem that I was bashing him before, but I wasn’t. I was just stating the obvious. Now De Sousa has seven games under his belt and his feet are wet. It’s time to let him play through his struggles and I think the next two games are perfect against Baylor and Iowa State. Baylor has good size and if the Jayhawks are going to continue to start Mitch Lightfoot, they’re going to need a big off the bench.  Enter, Silvio De Sousa.

If I’m Bill Self, you need to give this guy a stretch in the game. Forget the game plan, forget the plays for about five minutes, and see if this freakishly good athlete—who plays with such a good motor—makes a difference in a game. Take the ball and run, run, run. It doesn’t matter if Udoka or Mitch is playing next to him, just set him free and let him go make some plays. He needs to play through the struggle, and once he can make one of those athletic plays he does in practice, in a game, then his confidence will soar and he’ll be a lot more comfortable. De Sousa can’t go out there for two minutes and get yanked right away, he needs to play through the struggle and then I think he can utilized in big time games.

But, Bill Self is a Hall of Fame coach, and I am not, so what do I know?

What do you guys think? Should Bill Self let De Sousa get a stretch of minutes where he can just play basketball or should we continue with the same lineup scheme we have now? You can comment below or email or (and even better) go to our twitter to start a discussion.


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