Cavs and Lakers make Major Trade

Written by: Joe Ryan

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190,765. NBA Regular Season

If I were to rank every aspect of the NBA season, that is exactly how it would go. The NBA Trade Deadline started off slow. Real slow. Blake Griffin got traded to the Pistons, but in reality, it didn’t surprise me as much as it should have. I had a feeling Blake Griffin wouldn’t be on the Clippers for a full 5 years because I never thought he was a good fit there. But besides that, the Trade Deadline has been awfully quiet.

And then, Woj drops a bomb.

(I still have beef with Woj though after he blocked me on Twitter because I said Shams is better. Listen, Woj is a systems player, he gets beat out by Shams all the time. He shouldn’t block me for telling the truth.)

The Lakers and Cavs made a major splash at the Trade Deadline

Lakers Receive: Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, Cavs 2018 Fisrt Round Pick (Protected)

Cavs Receive: Larry Nance Jr. and Jordan Clarkson

Initially, I hated this trade just for the Lakers. And then I found out it was part of the trade, I Immediately thought that this trade was terrible for the Cavs because they would have no chance for the NBA finals this year. I was wrong on both and I will explain.

At first, I was thinking about this trade strictly for this year only, but obviously this is a good trade for the future for both teams, if it works out.

The Cavs are set up nicely now when LeBron leaves in Free Agency. I say “when” because that’s what most experts are predicting. The Cavs get to keep the Brooklyn pick and they get two young, nice players to build with if and when LeBron leaves. I would think that is a good start to a rebuild. You will have three solid, young starters to build off and a team that can compete in the playoffs for the future even without LeBron.

But, this trade actually helps LeBron stay in Cleveland again, if it works out. Let me explain. With Larry Nance Jr and Jordan Clarkson the Cavs get younger (which they desperately needed), they get a good shooter in Jordan Clarkson, and they get a high flyer in Larry Nance. Both of them can also play solid defense. Also, unlike Isaiah Thomas, these two guys will know their roles. They’ll understand that this is LBron’s team and they’ll realize that this is there best chance to go to the Finals. They’ll let LeBron run the show and help him get there. Thomas thought that this team was his and LeBron’s and we all know that’s not true.

The Cavs are getting two solid pieces to work with now and two pieces that fit on this roster. If this team works together and this team gets to the Finals, I definitely think LeBron can come back to the Cavs. You’ve got to remember, the Cavs are getting a Top 7 pick in a loaded draft class. That can be Michael Porter Jr, Marvin Bagley, Trae Young, Collin Sexton—anyone really. That is going to be enticing for LeBron to stay.


Again, at first I thought to myself, What the hell are the Lakers thinking? Why give up these two solid, young players? And then, of course, I came to the realization.


LeBron James

Paul George


Kawhi Leonard

Klay Thompson

Jimmy Butler

These are the major free agents that the Lakers are going after. Now, instead of the Lakers paying Larry Nance and Jordan Clarkson max money, they can throw these contracts at these guys. They freed up so much money to get big-time free agents to pair with Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram and they get a first round pick.

I’m sorry, but this is a good trade, if they can get two of these guys.

Honestly, I was wrong. This is a good trade for both teams and I can see it working out for both teams.


  1. Wow, what is going on in Believeland! This team is trading everyone but the kitchen sink. I hate to say because as Celtics fan I wasn’t happy about the trade, but Kyrie was right . He saw the train wreck before the rest of us did and said , “Deuces , I’m outta here!”

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