10 years ago today… Giants win Super Bowl 42

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeywingspan 

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It’s Saturday morning, it’s the day before the Super Bowl, and us Giants fans get to wake up this morning to the 10-year anniversary of the Greatest Upset in Sports history.

I still get chills when I even just hear about this game. So I decided that I’m going to start everybody’s Saturdays off right, and I’m providing highlights from that game below.

Yes, the Giants sucked this year, but the future is still very bright. I think we’re going to be back in the big one before you know it.

Happy Saturday, everyone! And if you’re rooting for the Eagles tomorrow over the Patriots, you’re a certified psychopath.




gif (30).gif



gif (31).gif









The greatest catch of all time and there is absolutely no debate about it.



The catch that will always be forgotten about, but the Giants don’t win this Super Bowl without Steve Smith turning up field on this. A huge catch in Giants history!



And then, obviously, the touchdown catch that will live in infamy.



Not gonna lie, a fifth grade me had a heart attack when this ball went up in the air. I just figured Moss was going to catch this.



gif (32)


And just so everyone can get the chills all over again.


Enjoy, Giants fans! We’re gonna be back real soon.

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