How to Fix the Slam Dunk Contest

Recently the NBA announced the participants in the 2018 Verizon Slam Dunk contest. The players are Aaron Gordon, Victor Oladipo, Larry Nance Jr., and Dennis Smith Jr.  It is a decent cast as we have seen Gordon do some cool stuff and Larry Nance Jr is a great in-game dunker.  Even with that in mind, the NBA Slam Dunk contest is not that exciting to the average fan. The main problem is the mega stars do not participate, like LeBron James. They have tried to juice this event up recently by changing the rules, but even that has fallen flat. There is one answer to getting the Slam Dunk contest back to a must-watch event. What is the answer, you might ask?

Have the NBA Players dunking against a team of street dunkers.

Over the years, organizations like Team Flight Brothers have come out and put on some absurd dunking exhibitions. These guys have no chance to be in the NBA from a talent standpoint, but when it comes to dunking they do some remarkable things.  I would have guys submit their dunk tapes over the year and have the fans vote for the best four to challenge the four guys the NBA picks. I think this would add a ton of excitement not only to the event, but I think the NBA players who participate would be more motivated because pride is on the line.  Any time you can cross NBA guys with playground legends, I am interested. Dunking is the one thing that a playground guy can beat a NBA guy at.  Put prize money for the winning team and winning individual dunker and now you have an event worth watching. Here are some YouTube links to guys that would give anyone in the NBA a run for their money when I comes to dunking.




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