Blake Griffin traded to the Pistons

Written by: Joe Ryan

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woj 2


Oh, Woj, don’t you do this to me, you sly dog. I ain’t ready for your bombs just yet.

I nearly fainted when these bombs started going through my phone. I’m sitting here in my college dorm, talking to my mother, and then I get bomb after bomb after bomb. I had to hang up on her immediately. Woj comes before anyone during trade-deadline Season.

Blake Griffin being traded to Detroit is HUGE NBA news and if you can’t read the above picture, this is the deal.

Pistons get: Blake Griffin, Brice Johnson and Willis Reed

Clippers get: Avery Bradley, Tobais Harris, Boban Marjanovic, 2018 first round pick and 2018 second round pick.

It’s clear as to what both teams are doing here. The Pistons are pushing for a run at making the playoffs, and the Clippers are getting a head start in their rebuilding process.

All in all, this is a pretty fair trade. The combination of Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond is unbelievable in the Eastern Conference. They lose some of their wing players, but they were trading Bradley anyway—might as well get a “superstar” in return.

I put quotes around the word superstar because that’s what people claim Blake Griffin is, but I just don’t see it personally. I think for his entire career he has been injury prone and gave more headaches to Clippers fans than he gave them hope and joy. He sat out for the playoffs with a toe injury. Like come on, that’s not being a tough superstar. Now maybe that will change now that he’s out of LA? Maybe, maybe not. It’s tough to say.

Personally, I wouldn’t want Blake Griffin anywhere near my team. I think he’s a career loser and will never unlock his untapped potential.

If you’re a Clippers fan, you should be happy. Blake Griffin gave you guys headaches, he was a diva, he didn’t get along great with teammates, and I don’t think he cared about winning. Put it this way: the Clippers weren’t winning a title with him as the cornerstone. He just doesn’t have the dog mentality that he thinks he does.

The Clippers get three-solid players in return, players that they could definitely use in their lineup, and they get two solid picks in a loaded draft class. What else would you want? I think Tobais Harris and Avery Bradley are underrated and are solid players. This team can win some games and might even get better without Blake Griffin, but now the Clippers have four picks in this draft. It’s clear that they’re ready to start fresh, and that’s okay. They have nice pieces now to start that process. They can get a star, a starter, and two good role players in this draft and all of that is better than having a “superstar” in Blake Griffin.

Oh and also, your four new rookies? Those contracts don’t even come close to what they were paying for Blake Griffin. Now they can have a solid young team, start fresh, and go get a big-time free agents.

Verdict: I see what both teams are trying to do here but I like it more for the Clippers than I do for the Pistons. The Pistons are still a long ways away from having a championship roster.

*Here’s where things get interesting: Do the Clippers trade Deandre Jordan and Avery Bradley to the Cavs for the Brooklyn pick?* Something to think about?

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