Should the Cavaliers make a trade for Demarcus Cousins?

Written by: Mike Ryan

Twitter: @mikey_ryan11


The Cleveland Cavaliers are in full blown crisis mode. LeBron is unhappy. Isaiah Thomas is playing poorly since his return from injury. J.R Smith and Jae Crowder are shells of the players they were just a season ago. Tristian Thompson is being paid $16.4 million dollars to score 5 points and grab 6 rebounds per game (Great Deal by GM LeBron). Jose Calderon has started a team high 24 games at point guard.

The Cavaliers can’t play a lick of defense, as they just allowed the Oklahoma City Thunder to score 148 points in REGULATION.

And to top it all off and make matters worse, Adrian Wojnarowski reported last night that “in the latest installment of Cavaliers finger-pointing, Kevin Love is drawing the ire of teammates in a heated Monday meeting.”

That’s not great, to say the least.

Reports are surfacing that Kevin Love, who left the OKC game 3 minutes into the first quarter with an illness, may not have been sick to begin with. Cavs players are reportedly frustrated and don’t believe Love was really sick. Reports then came out that Love was adamant that he was sick explaining to coaches, trainers, and to the front office.

Where does this leave the Cavs? In pure desperation mode.

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Nick Wass / AP images

Which then brings us to the ultimate “What if” trade the NBA will likely encounter come deadline time.

What if the Cavs call up New Orleans and offer Kevin Love and the 2018 Brooklyn first round pick for Demarcus Cousins.

Do the Pelicans even say yes to the deal? Well, it’s hard to say.

Cousins is set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2018 season. Currently, the Pelicans sit at 25-21 and are currently the 6th seed in the Western Conference, so it’s unlikely they’ll want to unload Cousins in the middle of a playoff race.

Especially given Monday’s performance, where Cousins took the form of Wilt Chamberlain for a night posting a 44 points, 24 rebounds, and 10 assists in 52 minutes of game play.  That’s an out of this world type performance.

But with Kevin Love and the Brooklyn pick, the Pelicans would be receiving an All Star caliber player who’s under contract for three more seasons and likely a top 10 pick in loaded draft class. That’s two highly attractive options for a team that is known for losing their best players to larger markets.

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Is Kevin Love the next Cavs player to be traded? (AP Images)

Kevin Love’s game surely would fit in nicely next to Anthony Davis as a stretch big who can knock down 3’s from all over the court at a high level. This deal would also allow Davis to have more free reign in the offense and would create more spacing for him to operate.

It also ensures that the Pelicans will be competitive for the next three seasons, which is highly important as Davis can be an unrestricted free agent in three years. A constant winner and with more money to be made, suddenly the Pelicans may not look like a bad option for him to stick around.

It would be a gamble for the Pelicans to play out the year with Cousins, as the likelihood he returns is minimal. I can sit here and say with almost 100% certainty that the Pelicans will not sign a player like Cousins caliber come free agent time. That being said, they could get a solid return due to the Cavs dysfunction.

But would the Cavs really do this and trade their future for a guy who they know also could walk? Well, the Cavs face a situation where LeBron may be skipping town once again and that reality is a lot scarier than Cousins potentially leaving.

The Cavs have nowhere near the talent Golden State has and the Cavs are continuing to fall further and further behind the Celtics and Raptors in the East. Even the Miami Heat now only trail the Cavs by a single game in the East now.

Adding Cousins is an immediate upgrade and a polarizing force added to a talented roster. Adding Cousins allows the Cavs to do whatever they can to try and win a title. If LeBron won a title this year, do you really think he’s leaving again? I’m guessing not.

As of today, Cousins gives the Cavs a much better chance of that being a possibility. It’s not a perfect scenario, but it is the only one that can work and work effectively.

It’ll be a gamble for both sides, but start firing up the rumors from now until deadline time. I bet this will not be the last time you’ll hear of this potential scenario again.





  1. By no means am I a Cavaliers fan but this Kevin Love thing is just ridiculous! The Cavaliers have the nerve to question Kevin Love on why he didn’t play but seem to have not a problem with why Derrick Rose does his disappearing act. This isn’t the first time he’s done it by the way as Rose did it with the Knicks too. Is it because Kevin Love is tradable or is it because he’s not one of LeBron s posse? I questioned it before but now I see why Kyrie Irving wanted to get out of Believeland. The Cavaliers are a train wreck waiting to happen. They haven’t reached the disfunction of the football team in Believeland, but they’re getting pretty close to it.


    1. Agreed the big problem is Lebron has to much power right now and it has gone to his head. He does not let the coaches coach or the GM do his job. Now that things have gone wrong god forbid he blames himself for forcing Kyrie out he has turned his blame game to Kevin Love. Love made the All-Star team and is having his best season as a CAV this year so he would be the last guy to blame for the Cavs struggles. Maybe Lebron shouldn’t of demanded Tristan Thompson to get a near max deal and they would have some better players there now. Lebron is an all time great player and he should focus on that not running the franchise because he has yet to show he has the ability to do that. Just because you are a great player does not mean you can be a great executive, Prime example, Michael Jordan in Charlotte.

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