Kansas’ Billy Preston Turns Pro: Ending Eligibility with the Jayhawks

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeywingspan

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A professional team in Bosnia announced Saturday that it has reached an agreement with five-star prospect Billy Preston, meaning the Kansas freshman’s college career is now officially over. “We are honored to have such a tremendous talent in our organization,” BC Ikogea said in a news release. “We were watching his situation closely and reached out to his family to show interest and ultimately reached an Agreement with the family Attorney in California on a contract for the rest of the season. We know Billy is an NBA prospect so we will do our best to continue his development to help him excel for our club and fulfill his goal which is to be an NBA star in the near future.” (Via CBS Sports)

Well, it is finally official. The whole drama and saga of whether Billy Preston is going to suit up or not for the Jayhawks has finally been put to rest. And the news isn’t good for Kanas fans.

Billy Preston is not going to play with the Jayhawks this year, after signing a pro contract with a team in Bosnia. Not what Kansas fans want to wake up to this morning, but it happens.

I blame two people in this scenario.

1) Billy Preston—yes, he’s a kid, but he shouldn’t have had all these red flags. Missing class, oversleeping and being absent from practices, and then the whole car situation. You have to be smarter than that. Billy Preston had taken that car when he wasn’t supposed to. Case closed. And, ultimately, it cost him his chance of playing college basketball. Is the whole situation his fault? No, it’s not. He should not have to sit out a full year for that, but that leads us to whose fault it is next…

2) The NCAA—what a dirty, cooperate monopoly, disgusting organization they run over there. I’m not saying this because I’m mad about the Preston news, as I am a die-hard Kansas fan, but because it’s the truth. A lot of what the NCAA does is not lawful and right towards the players and these schools. They’re shady, dirty individuals who only care about themselves. To make a kid have to sit out a whole year for driving a car bothers me a lot. Listen, should he have taken it? No. Did him getting that car make him go to Kansas? Absolutely not. So there should be a 10-game penalty, and that’s it. You’re basically trying to ruin this kids life by making one mistake. To not let him play in conference play after all the information has been given to you is ridiculous. Now, his draft status is severely impacted, which means he’s likely going to lose out on millions of dollars and not be able to take care of his family as much as he could have. I blame the NCAA for that.

This all but ends Kansas’ chance at a National Championship though, and I’m sorry if that’s tough for people to read, but it’s the truth. I understand guard play and experience wins you titles, which Kansas does have, but they’re so thin in the front court. If Udoka gets in foul trouble, then Mitch Lightfoot has to play 20+ minutes, which puts Kansas in big trouble. Silvio de Sousa is getting more experienced, which is great for next year, but this kid was playing high school basketball a month ago. He’s going to have enough experience to help win this team a title.

No pressure, Devonte; however, you’re just going to have to score 25 a night from here on out!

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