Kemba Walker on the move? Hornets will entertain offer for All Star guard

Written by: Mike Ryan

Twitter: @mikey_ryan11

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Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a huge NBA trade rumor with a report the Charlotte Hornets will make All-Star guard Kemba Walker available in trade talks.

The Hornets have been one of the more underachieving teams this year and could be set to totally blow up the roster. The Hornets are set to pay Marvin Williams, Michael Kidd – Gilchrist, and Nicolas Batum a combined $48 million annually for the next three seasons. Those contracts are awful for the team and are also cap killing.

With Kemba Walker set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2018-19 season, it would be smart for the Hornets to capitalize now on his value and tank for the remainder of the season.

So which teams would be interested in Walker? I can imagine every team in need of a point guard will call the Hornets for updates on Walker’s availability.

Which brings both the Knicks and Pistons in play. This could be a three-team deal that helps all three teams out. In this scenario, the Knicks will send their 2018 unprotected first round pick and their 2020 unprotected first round pick to Charlotte. The Knicks will also send their 2018 second round pick to Detroit.  


Why should the Hornets do the deal: The Hornets are currently sitting at the 11th spot in the upcoming NBA draft, while the Knicks stand at 12. If this deal goes through, the Hornets will likely end up anywhere in the 6-8 spot in the draft, potentially even top 5, if the Draft lottery breaks right, while the Knicks pick, will likely end up being between 12-16. The 6-8 spot opens the possibility for Hornets up to take Trae Young, Collin Sexton, Mo Bamba or Jaren Jackson Jr. In the 12-16 range, they could target Kevin Knox, Mikal Bridges, Troy Brown, or Trevon Duval.

The Hornets then would get back young pieces in Stanley Johnson and Willy Hernangomez that would provide two young players with a good upside.  There’s clear potential that has not been tapped yet with both players. Henry Ellenson is a young big who can stretch the floor in the Frank Kaminsky role.

That’s a good return and allows the Hornets to focus on trading other pieces to acquire more picks.

Why should the Pistons do the deal: The Pistons are in win-now mode. Guys like Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson, and Tobias Harris are locked up for the next three seasons. The Pistons will have the opportunity to cash in and land Courtney Lee and Frank Kaminsky without giving up a ton.

Imagine this Pistons rotation:

Starters – Jackson, Bradley, Lee, Harris, Drummond

Bench – Smith, Kennard, Bullock, Tolliver, Kaminsky

That looks like a team that can make that playoff push and gets them over the hump in a clouded playoff race.

Why should the Knicks do the deal:  The Hornets will likely ask for Frank Ntilikina in the deal however, I could see the Knicks front office being hesitant to do so. That’s why the Knicks will likely toss in two first round picks in the deal instead. I wouldn’t even rule out a third first-round pick being traded as well.

The Knicks will get their franchise point guard they desperately have coveted and Walker would make every current Knicks player better. If the Knicks’ are able to give up just picks instead of dealing Ntilikina, it’ll be a no-brainer.

The Knicks can close out games with Walker-Ntilikina-Hardaway-Beasley-Porzingis, which looks pretty good to me.


  1. “That’s why the Knicks will likely toss in two first round picks in the deal instead. I wouldn’t even rule out a third first-round pick being traded as well.”

    -you are out of your mind. The Knicks are just digging out of a decade of mortgaging away their future. The Knicks might part with this yrs first because it likely is a mid rounder….but 2-3 first round picks and young players?! No thanks…we’ll keep looking


    1. Walker is only 28 years old and a star in the league. . If the Knicks are able to keep Ntilikina.. a minimum of 2 firsts will be necessary. Plus why wouldn’t Knicks do it? Walker – Ntilinkina – Hardaway – KP will be a good core to attract free agents.


      1. ‘Only’ 28? That’s 10 years more than Frank and 6 more than Porzingis.

        Kemba doesn’t fit the timeline of this team, because by the time KP and Frank are in their primes, Kemba would be 32. He’s also only contracted for 1 and a half years, meaning we would need to give him a big contract when he’s entering 30 just to keep him.

        Cmon man, hell no.


      2. Walker accelerates the Knicks timeline immensely and makes KP a way better player immediately. Walker would also be the Knicks best point guard since the turn of the century.


  2. The Knicks don’t need no shortcut. The chances of winning a Chip with him are 0, hell we might never even reach the conference finals.

    Him being the best of the century doesn’t mean anything at all, that’s such an empty statement.

    A core of Kemba, Frank, KP is a WORSE core than Celtics, Bucks and Philly already have for the future and it’s also a worse team right now than Celtics, Toronto and Cavs. With luck the best we can expect for the next 5 years is 4th seed.

    Sorry, I don’t want Kemba.


      1. Right now… absolutely nothing. If the goal is to win a Championship then any guy over 25 years old gets a no from me, doesn’t matter who. If the goal is to be kinda relevant, sure go after Kemba.

        The Knicks should just develop their guys right now. The only move I’d make this year is trying to trade for a top3 pick to get Doncic. In FA just get role players in 1 or 2 year deals to try for playoffs next year like the Sixers did with JJ or Lakers with KCP. This improves the team in the short term at the cost of overpay but keeps Cap space clear for the future.

        The only thing the Knicks should do is go after Giannis in 3 years or Davis in 2 when they’re FA for example. Those guys fit the timeline.


      2. The Knicks last worthwhile free agent signing was Amare Stoudemire. That was in 2010. Since then nobody. Why? Cause they’ve sucked and been horrible. If your waiting for Giannis and Davis, it’ll be 9 to 10 years since the last time the Knicks signed a franchise player. But those guys wouldn’t even consider the Knicks if they’re still awful. That’s why Kemba should be a target. If he gets the Knicks to the playoffs and steals a round suddenly the Knicks look more appealing.


  3. You’re wrong about the why. It’s not because the team sucked, it’s because the FO was seen as a joke.

    Carmelo would’ve come for free if the FO wasn’t a joke.

    But either way, in my opinion you’re wrong. FA will come, we’re the biggest market, we’ve the best arena and we already have a franchise star player. The Knicks just need to show stability and FO competence that FA will line up to join KP.

    We will be a playoff team next year with KP, Frank and our pick this year.


      1. We can make a trade for a star like the one you’re proposing, in 2 years.

        If there’s something the NBA is showing right now is that stars are always available. Just remember that in 1 just year Kyrie, Cousins, PG, Bledsoe, Kemba and others where available.


      2. Theoretically yeah, that’s all this is in theory. There’s certainly no report to it other than he’s available in talks. But yeah guys will be available. I just think it’s time the Knicks make a move and start to move on from the bad.


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