Pat Shurmur is the man for the New York Giants head coaching Job

Written by: Bobby Engelhard

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The Giants still do not have a head coach and some of their targets have taken jobs elsewhere already.  As guys like Matt Patricia went to Detroit and Josh McDaniels is the favorite for the Colts or Titans job I started to worry a little.  I never wanted Jim Schwartz, of the Eagles, or Steve Wilks of the Panthers.  I would love Bill Belichik, obviously, but he is still under contract, so I do not see that marriage happening until he is a free agent. So who is left for the New York Giants? My answer is Pat Shurmur after looking over his resume this weekend. We all are seeing what he is currently doing with Case Keenum and the Minnesota Vikings offense and that is inspiring.  The fact this guy has done this same thing with many Quarterbacks and offenses over his 19 years in the NFL is what got me hooked.  The only true negative on Pat Shurmur’s resume is his head coaching stint with the Cleveland Browns. Shurmur coached two seasons and got fired after a 9-23 record.  Knowing what we know about the Browns currently and knowing his quarterbacks were Colt McCoy and Brandon Weeden. 9-23 is actually a really good job there.

The Giants have the number two pick in the draft and odds are they will select a Quarterback with that pick.  For that reason alone Pat Shurmur is the man for this job based off his success developing quarterbacks in this league.  Let’s take a look at some of his best work to date.

Donovan McNabb-  While McNabb was already a good quarterback, once Pat Shurmur came to the Eagles his game went to another level.  Under Shurmur’s guidance McNabb had his best season as a pro throwing for 31 touchdowns to just eight interceptions.  That year the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl.

Sam Bradford-  Shurmur had Bradford for his rookie season where he guided the young Bradford to rookie of the year honors.  Bradford could never stay healthy, but it is nice to know that Pat Shurmur was able to take a rookie quarterback and have success early on. With the Giants in position to draft a rookie quarterback themselves this is a huge positive.

Colt McCoy-  Not too many teams who scouted Colt McCoy thought this guy could be a starting quarterback in this league but that was the hand Shurmur was dealt when he took the Brown’s head coaching job in 2011.  McCoy went 4-9 that season while throwing 14 TD’s to 11 Ints.  McCoy then missed the final three games of the season to a concussion but the production Shurmur got out of a third-round pick who no one had any faith in was impressive.

Nick Foles- After being fired by the Browns Shurmur landed with the Eagles as offensive coordinator for Chip Kelly.  Nick Foles took over the starting job week six that season and went on to throw for an absurd 27 TDs to just two Ints.

Case Keenum- Shurmur’s most recent work has been with Case Keenum as the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings.  The Vikings are now one game away from the Super Bowl after a miracle win against the Saints this weekend.  Keenum who up to this year had been a journey man quarterback with limited physical upside put together a MVP caliber season working with Shurmur.  Keenum completed 67.6 of his passes for 3,547 yards, 22 TDs and just seven Ints in 14 starts for the Vikings who went 13-3.  In Keenum’s first playoff start he threw for 318 yards with one TD and one Int which included a last second 61-yard touchdown heave to Stefon Diggs to break the Saints hearts.

Pat Shurmur is not the sexiest name and probably will have some fans complaining, but after looking at his work with young or unknown quarterbacks through his career I think he is the ideal candidate for this Giants team moving forward.  I also like the fact that he has had a head coaching job already and even though it was deemed a failure by the Browns, the learning experience can only help him in his next job.

We will see what happens in the upcoming weeks. but I am hoping Pat Shurmur is the next head coach of the New York Football Giants.

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