Mets Re-Sign Jay Bruce

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeywingspan

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The Mets and Jay Bruce have agreed to a deal to bring the power hitting outfielder back to Flushing. It is being reported that the deal is for 3 years and $39 million dollars. During negotiations, the Mets told Bruce that he may need to play “some” first base. The Mets first traded for Bruce at the trade deadline in 2016 and he helped the Mets get to back to back playoff appearances that season. The Mets than traded Bruce to the Indians for pitcher Ryan Ryder, after the Mets were going through a disastrous season.





Personally, I love this deal on so many levels for the Mets. The Mets have sat on their hands throughout their entire existence as a franchise. They never jumped on free agents early when free agency opens, and they always wait until the market comes down. For the first time, it might have worked for the New York Mets.

For some strange reason, this MLB offseason has been quiet. A lot of the big time free agents remain free agents and left the Winter Meetings without a deal. That leads to the market for the players to come down and teams not having to give players that many years and that much money in the contracts. What a got damn perfect scenario for the Mets. They get Bruce back and for a very team friendly contract. The Mets will never spend big time money on a free agent, and God Forbid they go past 4 years in a deal, because they are a franchise in the New York market but they act like they are in Oakland. Neither here or there, they got the deal done and props to them.

The Mets needed a guy like Bruce back in their lineup. Who knows how long Conforto is going to be out for and they need that big bat behind Cespedes. Bruce gives the Mets that. Also, he can give them depth in the infield, and Mike Puma reported, the Mets told Bruce that he might have to play first base sometimes.

Listen, the deal is a good deal. If people say they want fresh faces on the Mets, listen I hear you and I understand what your saying. However, think of it like this. Bruce was already a good Met, he played well here, the fans like him, he understands the dynamics of Citi Field, he gets along with his teammates, and he gives you 30+ homeruns and 80+ RBI’s. And the contract is a good enough deal that if the Mets wanted to act like a real franchise, they still have enough money to add to their team.


Grading the deal: A-


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