Brian Bowen enrolls at South Carolina

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeywingspan

So, interesting news that just came out of no where in the college basketball world. Like, literally no where. Did anyone see this coming? I’m actually curious because this is out of deep left field.

Brian Bowen, the former 5 Star — McDonald’s All American, has enrolled into South Carolina. Bowen was the main person being question in the whole Louisville FBI case. It was believed that Bowen received $100,000 from Louisville and Pitino to come to Louisville. People began to question the commitment to Louisville since they weren’t even on their radar to begin with.

Bowen and his family believe that he is innocent and didn’t take the money originally believed that he took. However, now that he is enrolled into South Carolina, he and South Carolina will have to put together paperwork and filed for the NCAA to get his eligibility.

Before I every break down how he fits on the South Carolina, we first need to hear more news on this. Is he just going there to practice? Does he actually think he can play there? When would he even be eligible? It is an absolute long shot he plays for the Gamecocks but we shall let it all unfold.

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