Wingspan College Basketball Top 25

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621

Twitter:  @wingspansports  (follow it!!!!!!!!!!)


So, the college basketball season is jut about a month in and we are ready for our NEW Top 25. Some teams are falling and some teams are rising FAST.

You can view our last rankings by clicking here

What I’m going to do is rank the teams and in parentheses will be where the AP ranks them.

So, lets get it going.


Top 25 

  1. Villanova (1)
  2. Michigan State (2)
  3. Arizona State (5)
  4. Wichita State (3)
  5. Duke (4)
  6. North Carolina (7)
  7. Miami (6)
  8. Kentucky (8)
  9. Xavier (10)
  10. Texas A&M (9)
  11. West Virginia (11)
  12. Gonzaga (12)
  13. TCU (14)
  14. Seton Hall (15)
  15. Virginia (16)
  16. Kansas (13)
  17. Purdue (17)
  18. Florida State (19)
  19. Notre Dame (18)
  20. Arizona (23)
  21. Baylor (21)
  22. Tennessee (20)
  23. Texas Tech (24)
  24. Cincinnati (25)
  25. Florida (22)


For the most part my rankings compared to the AP is pretty close. Every team they have in their Top 25, I have in mine, just in a little bit of a different order. The teams that can enter the Top 25 sooner rather than later is Oklahoma and Texas. Arizona State made the biggest jump in the rankings, and Kansas and Florida both fell extremely down, very fast. Both have HUGE question marks and if they continue to play they do, they both can fall from the rankings sooner rather than later.

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