Ben Mcadoo and Jerry Reese, FIRED!

John Mara and Steve Tisch both sat down last night tonight and FIRED Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese but let’s be real, they are both still gutless cowards.

The Giants are a mess. They are a literal dumpster fire. Everything about the team sucks. Enough already and just part ways with the failed coach and the incompetent general manager.

The Giants just lost 51-17 to the Rams a few weeks back and lost to a winless 49ers team. This is a complete humiliation. Giants fans are embarrassed and the players don’t even care enough to give a real effort on the field.

No player in the locker respects McAdoo. Could not be more obvious with Janoris Jenkins and DRC both being suspended at points during the year.

The offense has only regressed since McAdoo started as the offensive coordinator and then became head coach.

Yet. McAdoo still keeps chirping along that the team looks great in practice. Update coach: WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT YOU DO AT PRACTICE WHEN YOUR 2-10 AND JUST LOST BY 34 AT HOME A FEW WEEKS BACK! A clown cares and that’s exactly what McAdoo is.

Not everything is McAdoo’s fault..,. Jerry Reese has failed to address the linebacker position and offensive line for years. The last good Giants linebacker was Antonio Pierce. Seriously, every other linebacker since has been a cast off signed a minimum contract or a draft pick picked in rounds 4-7. It’s really ridiculous how a GM continues to neglect positions of need year after year.

No Giants fan should have to deal with this pathetic nonsense anymore.

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  1. Not a Giants fan, but this man had no clue whatsoever! I’m a Patriots fan, but how can you throw Eli Manning under the bus when he has won TWO super bowl rings and let’s see yours , Coach Mcadoo, oh yeah you don’t have any! Don’t like to see anyone get fired but these two deserved to be.

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