Eli Manning consecutive start streak ends at 210 games; Giants to start Geno Smith

The end of an era. The end of all childhood memories.

Waking up every Sunday every day since 2004 knowing the Giants will be starting at Eli Manning at Quarterback was truly a blessing. Manning has been a winner on and off the field and represented the Giants with class, respect and dignity.

When down seasons happened, Eli was the calming force. The only constant when the Franchise was peaking or in disarray. No complaints, everything was just about football and getting the team prepared to go out and compete.

That ends cause Ben McAdoo is a loser of a coach. The Giants have benched Manning for Geno Smith and Smith will be the first quarterback to start a game for the Giants since Week 9 of the 2004 season.

Are you kidding me here? Eli Manning’s ironman streak is going to end cause McAdoo needs to evaluate Geno Smith?!? Is that some kid of a sick joke? This is effectively slapping Giants fans across the face and all but certainly means the end of the Eli Manning era.

What can you possibly gain and need to see from Geno Smith? We know he sucks, everyone in the league knows he sucks. He’s a back up and a failed starter.

If your going to insult Giant fans and disrespect a franchise icon can we at least see Davis Webb play? You know the guy you drafted in the third round of this past draft to be the future starter.


This is outrageous and infuriating. This is the most embarrassing thing McAdoo could have done. Shame on John Mara and Steve Tisch for even allowing this to happen.

You really fucked up here Giants and now you’ll really start to see the fan base turn. This is the worst possible decision to make and shows the Giants have no idea what the hell they are doing.

Any fan having faith in this franchise going forward is in for a rude awakening.

To Eli, thank you for leading this franchise to Two Super Bowl victories and giving fans lifelong memories to cherish.

For as long as I can remember, you’ll always be the starting quarterback for the New York Giants. A class act all the way through the end.

Please Tom Coughlin bring Eli to Jacksonville next season and reunite to win again. Make Mara suffer while you compete in the playoffs.

No player should ever wear #10 for the Giants ever again.


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