Derrick Rose takes leave of absence from Cavs

CLEVELAND — Cavaliers guard Derrick Rose has left the team and is seriously re-evaluating his future in the NBA, league sources told ESPN.

There is growing uncertainty inside and outside the franchise about whether he will return to the team, league sources said.

Rose has missed 11 of the Cavs’ 18 games this season, including the past seven straight because of a sprained left ankle. Rose’s increasing frustration with injuries is causing him to question his desire to continue playing in the league, league sources told ESPN.

One team source told ESPN of Rose: “He’s tired of being hurt and it’s taking a toll on him mentally.” (Via


Man, you just really have to feel for Derrick Rose. Yes, his career has just been derailed with injuries and lows of lows, but this guy was still one of the best in his prime.

Ever since Rose became the youngest player to ever win the MVP, his career has just went down hill. Groin injuries, Torn ACL, 2 torn meniscus, and now ankle injuries. A combined total of 257 missed games in 8 seasons is just a testament of all the injuries he has suffered.

Rose lead the Bulls back to relevancy. When he was drafted by the Bulls in 2008, the Chicago native had high expectations to bring Chicago basketball back to what it used to be. Chicago is most definitely a basketball city, and Derrick Rose became their basketball child. It didn’t take long before Rose brought the city into a basketball powerhouse again. The Bulls were one the best team in the NBA, they were the only challenge to LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

And then the devastation hit.


The series was over. The game was over. Rose didn’t even have to be on the floor anymore. He took one hop step, like he always does, and pop. The ACL was torn and no one knew, Rose would never come back from that injury.

He missed 99 games after that.

And not to long after he return from injury, he tore his meniscus, making him miss 70+ games.

Listen, I understand that people make jokes about his injury and how he’s more fragile then glass. But, you have to feel for him. Yes, the ankle injury this year isn’t as serious as the other injuries, but it’s still an injury and he can’t play. This man was one of the best in the league, he was a once in a generational talent, and now he can’t stay on the floor.

You can’t blame him from taking time away from the team. It’s not like he’s playing anyway, he’s hurt again and he’s tired of being hurt. Anyone would be. And it sucks that he is never gonna get the money that he deserved.

Obviously, Rose is deciding whether to continue to give this sport another try or just retire. It is a big decision to make for Rose, for himself and his family but we will see how it goes down.

It has been one STEEP drop-off for one of the games best, but I’ll tell you this, the 30 for 30 on Rose is gonna be freaking phenomenal.

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  1. I was so surprised when I read this on Facebook last night. I thought it was a joke or the infamous “fake news”. But he is actually seriously considering retiring. I wonder if it’s more than his injuries or I’d it something person that’s going on, because there was a lot of off the court issues with him when he played for the Knicks and Bulls. This might be a factor in his decision , also. Whatever he decides I wish him the best. And you’re right . His 30 for 30 show would be interesting .


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