Baker Mayfield just put a lock on the Heisman

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621


I am the biggest Kansas basketball fan in the world. I love everything about the University of Kansas. I love Kansas more than I love most people.

But Baker Mayfield is a BALLER!

The Kansas Jayhawks and Oklahoma Sooners played a football game today. It wasn’t really a game, let’s just call it a mandatory scrimmage for Oklahoma because that is what it was.

So, it all started with the coin toss and things got heated. Mayfield went to go shake the hands of the Kansas captains and the KU captains refused.

gif (25)


Why in God’s name would you EVER give this man more fuel than he needs.

Kansas you are 1-9!!! 1-9!!!!! And you’re playing the 4th best team in the country. Why on God’s green Earth would you want to embarrass yourself more than you are already gonna be?

Since Baker Mayfield is a baller, he does baller things. He went out today and went 20/30 for 257 yards, 3 TD’s and no interceptions.

Ummmmmm, pretty damn good.

But that didn’t win him the Heisman. This did.

“You guys are 1-9, stick to basketball”


Baker Mayfield just murdered the Kansas football program, not even with his play on the field but with that and then ESPECIALLY with this:


You can read his lips but if you can’t it reads “F*ck you, F*ck you!” right towards the Kansas bench.


Now, I would feel bad for Kansas and usually I defend them but they started this. They awoke a sleeping giant. You just don’t do that.


Mayfield for the Heisman!

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