Lonzo Ball: Time to Grow Up

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621

Twitter: @wingspansports

So the other night the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns played a basketball game in Phoenix. Just a normal, regular season game. Nothing more, nothing less.

Midway towards the end of the 4th quarter, the Suns were up by double digits. A timeout was called on the floor and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Tyler Ullis got into a bit of a scuffle. Some pushing and shoving and then Devin Booker got involved and then everyone got involved and then it escalated.

No where to be found? Lonzo Ball. Watch this clip below.

Lonzo sees the entire thing happen… and just WALKS away. Doesn’t even try to defend his teammate or get involved in any way possible. He looks back and probably thinks to himself “no way I’m getting involved in this.”

Listen, if Lonzo was playing at a superstar level and knew he didn’t want to hurt his team but getting involved because he might get hurt or he might do something to her suspended, I would understand that in a way. You should still get involved a little, at least just pull your teammate away or say something. Just show your guys you care.

But Lonzo just walks away and I have a problem with that. It’s either you help your teammates with your play in the court (he’s not) or when you’re playing bad, at least show you have your brothers back (he didn’t).

Here’s the other thing, watch Josh Jackson, #20 on the Suns, flying on the right side of the screen. A rookie who hasn’t been playing to his standard yet. Playing decent but not great. But you know what? He flies from one side of the court to the other just to show his teammates that he’s got their backs. At least that shows his teammates and Suns fans, like hey, yeah he hasn’t been playing as well as he should but at least this is a guy who’s trying and giving a 100% for the name on the front of the jersey.

Lonzo plays so much better when he gets mad and talks a little trash. Yes, his confidence is rattled and that’s fine. He’s a rookie playing less than 20 games so far with all these expectations, it’s fine he’s not playing good yet. But at least show your fan base and your brothers on your team that you have their back and you’ll do anything for them.

Maybe this would’ve lit the fire under Lonzo’s ass. Instead he just walked back to the bench.

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