Carlos Beltran has announced his retirement.. which hat will he wear in the Hall?

Carlos Beltran has officially announced his retirement from Major League Baseball. Beltran will go down as one of the best switch hitting and 5 tool prospect the game has seen.

Beltran had a remarkably consistent career in which he played with the Royals, Astros, Mets, Giants, Cardinals, Yankees, Rangers before finally finishing his career with a second stint with the Astros.

Beltran was a Rookie of the Year, 10 time all star, three time gold glove winner and two time silver slugger in his 20 year career. Beltran finished with 2,725 hits, 435 home runs, 1,587 RBI, 312 stolen bases all with a .279 average and .350 on base percentage.

The only question that remains is what cap will he wear in Cooperstown?

Beltran won his only World Series this past season with the Houston Astros but his longest stints came with the Royals and Mets.

Beltran started his career with the Royals and played 795 games. In his time with the Royals, he was the rookie of the year in 1999 and was an All Star in 2004.


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Beltran had 3,134 career at bats for the Royals, scored 546 runs, had 899 hits and hit 123 home runs and 516 RBI. To add to that, Beltran added 156 hits, 45 triples and 164 stolen bases. He was a .287 hitter with a .352 on base during his tenure.

With the Mets, Beltran appeared in 839 games, was a 5 time all star and won all his gold gloves and silver sluggers.

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Beltran had 3,133 career at bats for the Mets (one shy than with the Royals), scored 551 runs, had 878 hits, and hit 149 home runs with 559 RBI. Additionally, Beltran had 208 doubles, 17 triples, and 100 stolen bases during his time in New York. His career average with the Mets was .280 with a .369 on base.

Of coarse Beltran’s infamous moment in his career was striking out with the bases loaded in the NLCS against the Caridnals and Adam Wainwright. Game on the line and the bat sat on his shoulder is still a heartbreaking sight for Mets fans to see.

Mets fans if you must torture yourself and watch

This one at bat does not change his Met legacy. Beltran was one the largest free agent acquisitions the franchise has ever made.

Beltran has always distinguished himself as a great postseason hitter (apart from this moment). However, all his postseason success came with the Astros and Caridnals. Two franchises he did not play long enough with to consider being a member of that team for the Hall of Fame.

In his tenures with the Mets and Royals, he only played in two postseason series.

However, when you look at Beltran’s career he should go in as a New York Met. Beltran won most of all his accolades with the Mets and 5 of his 10 all star appearances came in New York.

Beltran will be enshrined as Met and it’s a legacy he earned. Congratulations to Carlos Beltran on a Hall of Fame career.

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