The College Football Playoff needs 16 teams

Written by: Mike Ryan

The College Football Playoff needs expansion and they need to expand to 16 teams. Thank God, there’s at least a four team playoff now compared to the flawed system of the BCS computer rankings projecting who they two best teams were and that decided who played in the National Championship.

And really is there any reason why Division 1 FBS football is the only major collegiate and professional level without a real playoff?

If you have ten minutes watch this interview with Washington State Mike Leach. It’s fantastic.

Well here you go Coach Leach, here’s how the College Playoff should work. The format would include 16 teams.

Auto Bids would be given to the Power Five Conferences (ACC, BIG Ten, Big 12, PAC 12, and SEC) Champions. The five conference champions would be ranked 1-5.

Auto Bids would be given to the Non Power Five Conferences (MAC, AAC, MWC, Sun Belt, C – USA). These five would be ranked 12th – 16th in the College Football Playoff.

The remaining 6 spots would be filled by 6 at large teams or wild cards. These 6 teams would be the next 6th highest ranked teams that did not win their conference title. The 6 teams would be ranked 6th through 11th in the bracket.

As we enter week 11 this weekend, here’s who the auto bids would be and how they would be ranked.

*Note – An emphasis has to be placed on who wins the Conference Championship. This rankings is strictly based on who is currently the first place team in each conference.*

Power 5:

  1. Georgia – SEC
  2. Miami – ACC
  3. Wisconsin – BIG TEN
  4. BIG 12 – Oklahoma
  5. PAC 12 – Washington

Non Power 5:

  1. Central Florida – AAC
  2. Boise State – MWC
  3. Ohio – MAC
  4. Florida Atlantic – C -USA
  5. Arkansas State – Sun Belt

At Larges:

  1. Alabama – SEC
  2. Notre Dame – Independent
  3. Clemson – ACC
  4. TCU – Big 12
  5. Auburn – SEC
  6. USC – PAC 12

Now that every team is sorted out and has a ranking, you just fill it into a single elimination style bracket.

Round 1:

1 – Georgia vs. 16. Arkansas State

8. Clemson vs. 9. TCU

4. Oklahoma vs. 13 Boise State

5. Washington vs. 12. Central Florida

6. Alabama vs. 11. USC

3. Wisconsin vs. 14. Ohio

7. Notre Dame vs. 10. Auburn

2. Miami vs. 15. Florida Atlantic

How can anyone look at this and believe this wouldn’t be the best Playoff in all of sports. This would be better than the MLB Playoffs, the NFL playoffs, definitely better than the NBA playoffs and would compete with March Madness and college basketball.

Look at the match ups and  roadblocks teams would have to go through.

Georgia as a 1 seed will get either the the defending National Champion (Clemson) or the runner up in the Big 12 (TCU) in just the quarterfinal.

Boise State would have a chance at Postseason magic. The match -up against Oklahoma would be a rematch of the Fiesta Bowl that Boise State won because of a hook and lateral TD to tie the game and a statue of liberty conversion to win it.

You’d see Sam Darnold, the potential number one pick in the draft go against the best team and defense in College Football in Alabama.

Central Florida would have the opportunity to prove they are a legit program with a game against Washington.

To end round one, you’d get the best pre-game presser when Lane Kiffin brings his up tempo offense of Florida Atlantic against an in state opponent in Miami. Just imagine the reaction if Kiffin pulled off the upset.

If College Football wants a real champion, this is the model to follow. Any casual and die hard fan would love the opportunity of an expanded playoff. The games would be exciting and nerve wracking. This is what College Football needs.

Let’s all hope that one day soon enough, we get a College Football playoff with a similar format to this one.


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