Knicks great win but I’m not happy with Jeff Hornacek


Written by: Bobby Engelhard

So the Knicks just defeated the Cavs tonight in impression fashion and I love the basketball they played.  However Jeff Hornacek is a complete joke of a coach and needs to go.  I know it seems odd to be mad when we just beat the defending eastern conference champions but I just can not stand this guy.

Can someone explain why Enes Kanter played basically the entire first half of the game ?  We have more than capable back ups in Kyle O’Quinn and Willy Hernangomez.  Kanter played well but you can tell he was gassed and for good reason.  Kanter is player who excels at pounding the glass and banging down low.  Anyone who has ever played basketball as a forward or center knows that playing that style is draining.  Kanter had a great game but I feel it would have been better if he had more energy by giving him a breather in the first half.  Kanter I still believe is best served coming off the bench as I think it will make our team better but the results with him starting have been solid so for now I can live with it.

What I can not live with is Jarrett Jack playing 33 minutes compared to Frank Ntilikina playing 16.  This makes no sense at all on 100 different levels.  I understand wanting to play a veteran and easing the rookie into the league but this is a joke.  I do not care that Jarrett Jack had 9 assist tonight. His defense is bad and he offers no offensive game at this point in his career.  Teams will simply play off him and make our scorers lives harder.  The other thing with Jack is he has no ability to push the pace.  Hornacek was screaming to push the ball meanwhile he is the guy playing a broken down point guard.  Frank Ntilikina is going to be great for us as he learns the game and gets a little stronger.  His feel for the game is amazing and his physical attributes are going to make him a Kawi Leonard type of defender.  He needs to be getting the 30 minutes a night not only for player development but it gives us a better chance of winning night in and night out.  Him and KP can form an amazing pick and roll combination.  Wait a second, is the pick and roll in our playbook?

I also need explained to me how the Knicks have the best possible player in the world to run the pick and pop with in KP and I didn’t see one time the pick and roll run with him.  They ran it a few times with Kanter with decent results so why not KP ?  This is just a bad job coaching in terms of X’s and O’s.  KP is a beast and if we get a smarter coach to run the pick and roll with him the sky is the limit.  I want to see Ntilikina and KP running this every play similar to how the Jazz run it every play with Ricky Rubio and Rudy Gobert.  A better example of the power of the pick and roll was in tonight’s Spurs Pacers game.  Domantas Sabonis had 22 point on 9-9 shooting simply because of the pick and roll.  If he can go 9-9 imagine what KP can do.  Listen nothing is wrong with how KP is playing on offense right now scoring 30 or more in all the games but one this year however I am looking toward the future.  I just want to make his life easier and allow him to keep dominating.

Jeff Hornacek has no clue how to manage a rotation at the NBA Level.  Not playing Willy Hernangomez is a travesty.  Playing Jarrett Jack 33 minutes compared to Frank Ntilikina 16 is a joke.  Playing only 9 guys is idiotic 6 games into the season.  Micheal Beasley deserves minutes and so does Willy Hernangomez.  I also would like to see Damyeon Dotson get some run backing up Courtney Lee.  If not for anything just so our guys hold up all season and are not fatigued.  I have found in the NBA a set rotation has a huge positive effect on the performance of your team.  Players need to get a rhythm with each other and get comfortable in a role.  Look at the best teams and you will find set rotations not random DNP-coaches decision for healthy players and random minutes for guys.

The worst thing that is happening with the Knicks is the refusal to play Willy Hernangomez.  This year is still about developing a core and we are ruining this guy by gluing him to the bench.  He still is a young player and Hornacek is killing his confidence.  This guy was NBA all rookie first team last year and he can not play ?  Our Gm will not trade him for Eric Bledsoe so clearly he is viewed by the team as a building block.  This is an ego thing with Hornacek no other way to explain it.  He is punishing Willy for relaying his stupid ass remarks about KP to KP.  Just for pissing KP off so much that he blew off the exit meeting with the team I would have fired this guy.

Bottom line is this is a good roster and we have a lot of promise.  However with this coach we will not reach our potential.  His X’s and O’s are not good, he clearly has no clue about defense since we are the only team in the NBA with a defensive coordinator, he has an ego, he does not understand we need to develop our young guys, and his management of the rotation is as bad as I have ever seen and I watch every NBA game every night pretty much with NBA league pass (A must purchase for $199 if you love basketball).  He had talent in Phoenix and messed that franchise up so I pray he is not around long enough to mess up this Knicks team.

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