NFL Week 8 Predictions

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621

So I’ve been killing it In picking NFL winners the last few weeks so after reading this you’re not even gonna have to watch the game, all these predictions will be right. (Probably not, but just play along).

Falcons at Jets: 1 PM; Fox

Prediction: Falcons 23, Jets 10

Panthers at Buccaneers: 1 PM; Fox

Prediction: Panthers 20, Buccaneers 14

49ers at Eagles: 1 PM; Fox

Prediction: Eagles 31, 49ers 14

Bears at Saints: 1 PM; Fox

Prediction: Saints 31, Bears 17

Chargers at Patriots: 1 PM; CBS

Prediction: Patriots 27, Chargers 21

Raiders at Bills: 1 PM; CBS

Prediction: Raiders 21, Bills 17

Colts at Bengals: 1 PM; CBS

Prediction: Colts 23, Bengals 20

Texans at Seahawks: 4:05 PM; CBS

Prediction: Texans 21, Seahawks

Cowboys at Redskins: 4:25 PM; Fox

Prediction: Redskins 30, Cowboys 23

Steelers at Lions: 8:30 PM; NBC

Prediction: Lions 24, Steelers 17


Broncos at Chiefs: 8:30 PM; ESPN

Prediction: Chiefs 23, Broncos 17

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