Start Spreading the News: Joe Girardi out as Yankees Manager

Talk about a major story coming the Bronx…..

The Yankees, fresh off losing a decisive game 7 to the Houston Astros in the ALCS, have announced today that Girardi is out as the teams manager.

How do you fire a manager who never won less than 84 games in a season in ten years, won a World Series and just exceeded all expectations in the same calendar year you fire him? Yeah, it seemed like the Yankees front office and Girardi may have had some rift but you don’t fire a good manager just cause you may not like him.

Joe Girardi is out as Yankees manager (getty images)

The Yankees players played for Girardi. Girardi kept the team together as they rallied from a 2-0 deficit to win three straight against the Indians in the ALDS and was a game away from the World Series.

Girardi has won 910 games in ten years. The Yankees literally just fired a game who’s averaging 91 wins a season. What other manager out there has a better resume?

Maybe the Yankees look at Dusty Baker, who was surprisingly let go from the Nationals or maybe Kevin Long who used to be hitting coach before becoming the Mets hitting coach the past three seasons.

Maybe the Yankees go really crazy and chase after Alex Rodriguez. Imagine A-Rod managing the team? That’d be so awesome and unpredictable it would make firing Girardi worth it. Not many guys know baseball like A-Rod but can the Yankees convince him to leave television now? That’s the dynamic that comes into play.

Regardless, this seems like an odd move from the Yankees and one that could potentially backfire more than they think .

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  1. as a Yankees fan and one who liked Joe as a player and manager, I’m very upset and angry. I don’t blame the Steinbrenners who wanted to keep him, my issue is with Brtan Cashman, who said that the Yankees needed to go in a different direction. Which is what Brian? Some numbers cruncher or someone who doesn’t want to hog up all your spotlight. Girardi didn’t allways make the best moves as a manager, but cmon.I want to see Joe get another job. He deserves it.

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