Is Carson Wentz now the favorite to win NFL MVP?

In a year where there’s no true dominate team in the NFL, one team is standing out more than the rest.

The Philadelphia Eagles are now 6-1 and have the best record in the NFL. In large part due to the play of stand out second year quarterback Carson Wentz.

The Eagles are now 3-0 in the division and hold a commanding lead over their NFC East counterparts. The team has a 5-0 conference record and their only defeat was a close loss to the Chiefs in arrowhead during the second week of the year (no shame in losing that game).

The Carson Wentz led offense has now scored the third most points in the league trailing only the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams. The 199 points scored averages out to 28.4 points per game.

Now, let’s dive down into the individual numbers for Wentz MVP candidacy. His 1,852 passing yards ranks fourth in the league trailing only Tom Brady, Alex Smith and Carson Palmer.

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Wentz has now attempted the 6th most passes among NFL quarterbacks and is completing 61.6 of those attempts. Wentz has now already thrown 17 touchdowns (surpassed his last season total of 16) and is leading the NFL through 7 weeks. His four interceptions is particular impressive for a young QB with that many attempts. Wentz is far and away ahead of his learning curve.

But can Wentz win the MVP over Alex Smith or Tom Brady? Smith has the slight advantage having won the head to head match-up earlier in the season. Smith has 15 touchdowns, is on pace for a career high in passing yards, and has yet to thrown a single interception.

Tom Brady is still somehow putting up insane numbers at 40 years old ranking first in passing yards (2,208), second in passing touchdowns (15) and first in yards per game (315). That’s without top wideout Julian Edelman.

Both the Cheifs and Patriots have a 5-2 record so overall team record is still in Wentz favor.

The answer to is Wentz now the favorite to win the NFL MVP is probably no at current moment. However, it’s clear he’s right there in contention. Tom Brady is still the likely favorite at the current moment despite the possibility of voter fatigue.

Wentz has solidified himself as a top 3 MVP candidate and if continues his strong play, it’s not far fetched to believe he actually may win it.

The future is bright in Philadelphia and it’s starting to become more believable by the day that Wentz may break the SuperBowl drought in Philly.


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