Mickey Callaway hired as Mets manager

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621

Wow. The Mets finally did something very smart. I’m shocked. I’m speechless. I think I’m ready to say the Mets are back. Solely on the idea that no one in history has every failed with the name “Mickey”.

  • Mickey Mantle
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Mickey Rourke
  • Mickey Goldman (Rocky Series)

All of them are winners!!!! And now Mickey Callaway will join that list.

Listen, this is a great hire. Sandy Alderson is a smart man. He was very impressed with the way Callaway interviewed for the job, he was impressed with Callaway’s work ethic and the way he was so beloved in Cleveland.

Callaway has been the Indians pitching coach for the Indians since 2013 and thrived there. Callaway did especially well with the bullpen in Cleveland and the Mets DESPERATELY need a manager who can control the bullpen successfully.

Now that the Mets have a very smart and intelligent pitching coach as their manager it’s a win-win for everyone. The Mets we’re built on pitching and now we have someone who can tell when our starters need to come out of the game when they don’t have it. Callaway will bring Noah and deGrom to another lev and he will help Harvey with his mechanics and preparation tremendously. Getting those 3 guys right and bringing them to the next level can make the Mets a contender again.

Also, if Callaway brings in a guy like Joe Smith or Bryan Shaw the Mets can have a deep and good bullpen. Pair those guys with Blevins, Ramos and Familia, it as good start. Also, Callaway will be a good asset for the relievers we acquired in the Bruce trade.

Overall great hire by the Mets!

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