My Next Move

Written by: Joe Ryan

Alright so the other day I went on my periscope and announced that I have some pretty big news regarding my next move in the Sports Blogging business. In no way does this mean that I am leaving Wingspan. Wingspan is my baby and I would never leave this for anything in the world. This only improves my own personal brand, Wingspan and the new company I’m going with.

Wingspan started March of 2017 and it has continue to grow. We have over 1300 followers and we love you all. We wouldn’t continue to write or do periscopes if it wasn’t for all you loyal followers and to that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the best!

So, the news that I couldn’t wait to share is my next move. After discussion with Bobby and Michael, we all agreed that the best business decision for me and Wingspan is for me to join Student Union.

I am taking my blogging talents to Student Union Sports.

Student Union is giving me an absolute amazing opportunity to get more of my ideas and blogs out there. They have over 8,000 followers on twitter and after reviewing their team and their page, Student Union is one of the fastest growing sports blogs out there. It is a great team with a great group of people running the blog. I cannot wait to get started. The content they have is incredible so make sure you go check out their website and their twitter page @StudentUSports.

I will continue to write for Wingspan. Do not get me wrong. Wingspan is growing more and more everyday and I can’t wait for where it’s gonna take us. This is just the next step!

Also, Wingspan T-Shirts coming this Saturday 👀‼️

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