ALCS: Yankees vs Astros Games 6 & 7

Surprisingly the Yankee magic has struck again and here we are looking at a superior team on the brink of elimination at the hands of the Baby Bombers. This series is eerily similar to that of the ALDS as both the Indians and Astros were in control of their own destiny after taking Games 1 and 2. But then the collapse of the team began. For the Indians it led to an elimination from the playoffs. The Astros are in danger of suffering that same fate.

In Game 1 & 2 the Astros allowed 2 runs on 10 hits in order to take a 2-0 lead in the series. Since then the Astros pitching staff has utterly fallen apart. The Yankees have gone on a hitting spree with 25 hits good for 19 runs over the last 3 games. Unfortunately, the Astros offense has fallen flat scoring just 9 runs in the 5 ALCS games up to this point. A drastic contrast from their dominance in the ALDS when they averaged 6 runs per game against the Red Sox.

Now, here we are. The Yankees hold a 3-2 game advantage in the series and are just one win away from a World Series date with the Dodgers. The Astros will put all their hope into the hands of Verlander tonight to keep their season alive. If the Astros win tonight and the series goes to Game 7, it is unclear who will take the mound for the Astros, though an appearance out of the bullpen from Keuchel is expected.

Our Prediction:

Justin Verlander will right the ship for the Astros tonight and hold down the Yankees. The offense will see a short burst of output in the middle innings to give Verlander just the right amount of runs he needs to secure the win. Game 7 will be a wild one and thrilling until the end. There is something about this Yankee team that keeps them fighting and defying the odds. The offense will carry them in this Game. However, after getting back on track in Game 6, the Astros offense will fire up and pack on the runs themselves. In the end the better team will ultimately prevail as the Astros punch their ticket to a World Series showdown with the Dodgers.

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