ALCS: Yankees vs Astros Game 4 & 5

Games 1-3 were great as the Astros took Games 1 & 2 and the Yankees broke out for a Game 3 victory. We predicted Games 1, 2 and 3 to near perfection. Game 2 & 3 were perfect predictions for how those games would play out, while Game 1 we predicted an early Yankee run before being shut down as the Astros scored the winning runs in the middle innings. As you know the Yankees did not score an early run, but were shut down for the beginning of the game until a late inning homerun provided their only run of the game. Game 3 we predicted Aaron Judge would break his slump and he did that in style with a 3-run homer to pad the Yankees lead.

We will now be doing our Game 4 and 5 preview and prediction. The Astros have announced their Game 4 starter as Lance McCullers Jr. while the Yankees have announced Sonny Gray to take the mound for the Yankees. Sonny Gray has been way off in his last couple of starts and the Yankees will desperately need him to get back on track in Game 4 otherwise their season may come to an end sooner rather than later. A team can only defy the odds so many times in one postseason before finally falling to the better team.

McCullers is the pitcher that they want to see in Game 4 though as he has struggled a lot on the road this season. He came into a game in the ALDS and allowed 2 runs in 3 innings and has a5.14 ERA on the road this season. With the Yankees offense waking up last night and Yankee Stadium being a more hitter friendly park, this spells trouble for McCullers.

The Yankees have not announced their Game 5 starter yet, but it is irrelevent as the Astros have announced Dallas Keuchel as their starter. He has been lights out this postseason and will look to continue that dominance for the Astros in Game 5.

Our Prediction:

Game 4 may be the toughest game to call since both pitchers are very unpredictable. There will be runs scored on both sides. The Yankees offense is surging now and Aaron Judge is expected to get another solid hit or two in this game while Altuve and Correa look to keep the Astros in the game. Ultimately, I am going to go with the Yankees in this high scoring affair. Game 5 will see Keuchel shut down the Yankees offense once again to earn the win for the Astros and break the tie in the series. Heading into Game 6, the Astros will have a 3-2 lead.

If we are correct again, then stay tuned for our Game 6 and 7 post.

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