North Carolina escapes academic fraud punishment

Talk about a Friday morning news dump…

The NCAA announced today that they “could not conclude” that North Carolina committed academic fraud in what was a three year investigation.

Out of the five pending charges, North Carolina was found guilty of a failure to cooperate charge against two academic staff members who had tied with the Afro-American Studies department.

The Afro-American fraud classes first were brought to attention seven year prior with the North Carolina football team and former basketball player Rahsad McCants.

Here’s what Greg Sanky, chief panel officer of the panel had to say (CBS Sports).

The record did not establish that the university created and offered the courses as part of a systematic effort to benefit only student-athletes,”

Basically meaning since other students participated in these classes, the NCAA cannot punish student – athletes in particular.

To sum it up, North Carolina is getting hit more in their academic department instead of the athletic department.

North Carolina will continue to operate as a basketball powerhouse and a multi-million cooperation that NCAA owns and collects all profit from.

North Carolina is simply too big to fail and is the only real reason they are escaping major penalties. How can anyone take the NCAA seriously and let North Carolina completely off the hook? And this is coming from someone who actually roots for North Carolina to do well.

While as I knew, the NCAA would not likely give a severe penalty, I was more than expecting a couple loss of scholarships and be put on probation and to be completely monitored for the next few years.

North Carolina fans will definitely sleep easier tonight knowing the need to worry about the NCAA finally being a competent organization no longer has to exist.

The NCAA continues to embarrass itself as larger schools continue to barely face punishment for obvious infractions.

Now for those that hate North Carolina, please enjoy some highlights of them winning the 2017 Title Game

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