Bruce Arena out as USMNT coach

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621

Twitter: @wingspansports

Listen, I’ll be the first one to admit it, I am NOT a soccer guy. I probably watch soccer once every 2 years. When the US is in the World Cup (Men or Women) or when the US is playing in the Gold Cup. That’s pretty much the extent to my soccer watching.

But MY GOD, what an embarrassment that was the other night. The US had a 97% chance to qualify for the World Cup and anything and everything went wrong that night for the US.

How in God’s name do you lose to Trinidad and Tobago to be disqualified from the World Cup? Is that the standard where holding these players to?

Listen, I’m sick and tired of these players getting free passes. There is no excuse for the US soccer team not to qualify for the World Cup. These players need to be held accountable. These players need to be treated the way LeBron is treated after losing an NBA Finals. Or the way the Warriors were treated after blowing a 3-1 lead. Or the way Tom Brady is treated after losing TWO Super Bowls to the New York Football Giants (yeah I had to get that in there).

And that falls on the coach. Bruce Arena failed to do his job and get his players prepared. Now does it all fall on the Coach? No way. He’s not playing. The players have sucked and they need to man up, but it’s on the Coach to prepare his players and give them he best chance to win, and he didn’t. And that is the reason he is no longer the coach.

US Men’s soccer needs to go into a new direction now, they need to formulate an 8-10 year plan and actually execute it this time. Get a coach who can get this stuff done.

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