John Farrell out as Red Sox Manager

The Boston Red Sox announced Wednesday that John Farrell will not return as the team’s manager for 2018.

Farrell spent five seasons as Boston’s manager, winning the World Series in 2013, his first year with the club. Farrell’s overall record with the Red Sox was 432-378, and the team claimed the AL East title in 2013, 2016 and 2017. (Via USA Today)

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeryan1621

Welcome to the world of sports. Where a manager wins a World Series title, wins 3 division titles and then gets fired.

Listen, it happens. It’s sports. Stuff like this happens. Should Farrell have been fired even with a good resume? Yeah he did. Yes he did well on paper with the Red Sox but he was not the best manager in the world. He doesn’t mesh well with the young players, the fan base hated Farrell and it was time for a new face.

He almost reminds me of Terry Collins. He makes some boneheaded decisions in game and the fan base can’t stand him and want him gone so bad but because they’ve had some success the team can’t be fired. Both Collins and Farrell should’ve been fired in like 2014 but due to success and the team winning ball games after 2014 the managers couldn’t be fired.

Farrell will get another chance in the Majors at some point. His resume is to good for some team not take a chance on Farrell.

Now where do the Red Sox go from here? Well ESPN was just saying that Red Sox legend Jason Varitek could be in the running for manager, look for Alex Cora to be interviewed, but the real dark horse would be Joe Girardi. How awesome would it be for Girardi to be fired from the Yankees and then hired as the Red Sox manager? Welcome to the renewed rivalry.

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