Time to Trade Odell Beckham Jr.

Written by: Bobby Engelhard

With the Giants season over before it started it is time to look toward the future of this team.  We seem to have a defense in place even though they have underperformed and we have some young talented pass catchers in Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, and Evan Engram.  That is where the good things seem to come to an end for this team which explains why they have started this season 0-4.  The problem areas are very clear being the Offensive line, running backs, and Quarterback to a certain degree.  We are going to have to fix these problems this offseason and the best way to do it in my opinion is trade our best player, Odell Beckham Jr.  Let’s examine the case for trading Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr is an elite wide receiver in this league and like many other elite wide receivers who have played in the NFL, he comes with baggage.  I am not going to go over the long list of things Odell Beckham Jr. has done to make you shake your head in a negative way but I will say for the first time since he has been a Giant I believe his antics are distracting the team.  His behavior alone is not the reason I want to trade him but it definitely does not help things.

Another problem I have with Odell Beckham Jr. is his constant drops of the routine catches.  While he has the ability to make the circus catch, he somehow also drops a ton of balls that a wideout of his ability should never have an issue with.  One that sticks out in my mind is the beginning of the Josh Norman and Odell Beckham saga. The first game they played Odell Beckham Jr beat Josh Norman on a route and was wide open for what would have been a 50 plus yard touchdown to start the game.  Instead Odell drops the ball and acts like an ass the rest of the game as the Giants go on to lose the game.  That can not happen from a player who wants to be the top paid at his position.

While his behavior and drops drive me crazy, the main reason I am trading Odell Beckham Jr is because it’s the fastest way for this team to turn around. The Giants can move him for draft picks while also not committing the big money he wants and spreading that out across the team.  History has shown us that while wide receivers are important to a team’s success, having a top flight one is not a necessity and often times can hold back a team mostly because of salary cap reasons.  Look at the Patriots for example,  besides Randy Moss for a few years they have had huge success without a top wide receiver and also not committing huge money to one skill position player.  Using the money it would cost to keep Odell Beckham Jr.  we can upgrade areas of the team that are crucial to winning.

Adding players through free agency will help but the biggest reason to trade Odell Beckham Jr. this season is acquire draft picks.  The way things are going the Giants should be picking in the top 10 of this draft and with 4 quarterbacks who are potentially top 10 picks this year they may be inclined to take one of them.  Eli is up and down at this point and his time is nearing the end. While Davis Webb looks like a decent pick, it may be smart to go get one of these top flight talents this draft.  You do not get many chances to draft toward the top of the draft, so it would make sense.  If the Giants take a QB with their first pick that is not going to fix any problems with the offensive line or running backs which is a much bigger issue than QB at this point in time.  That is why I need to trade Odell to acquire another first round pick and another second round pick.  Maybe you can get more but that would be my minimum to move him.  In doing this it will allow the Giants to secure their future at QB while improving the team so that next season we are a playoff team again.  Armed with 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks potentially the Giants can get their future franchise QB and fix the offensive line in the first 2 rounds.  This gives you the rest of the draft and free agency to add to the skill positions and bolster any holes in the defense.  While Odell Beckham is great, this scenario is much more likely to have the team competing for a championship sooner rather than later and stabilize the future at the same time.


While many teams would love Odell Beckham Jr.  The one that I would be on the phone with ASAP would be the Cleveland Browns.  Number one they have 2 first round picks and 3 second round pick so they have the assets needed.  Number 2 Odell makes sense for them since they have the worst receiver corps in the NFL right now with Corey Coleman out with a broken hand.  Deshone Kizer has a lot of upside so it would make sense for the Browns to get him some help on the outside.  A pair of Corey Coleman and Odell Beckham Jr. would look pretty damn good on paper and will without a doubt help the development of Deshone Kizer who could be the answer for them at QB.  This is a win for both teams as the Browns would be adding a superstar and still have early draft picks to fill out their team, while the Giants can finally fix the Offensive line.

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