Should C.C be the #3 Starter over Tanaka?

Tanaka in 2016 was amazing, 2017 however has been rough as his ERA is just under 5 and his last start before today he gave up 8 runs to the Blue Jays. C.C however has been fantastic this year in his back of the rotation role and even better he is yet to lose a game the day after the Yankees have lost showing that he is able to steer the team back in the right direction. Another impressive stat is that C.C is 4-0 with a sub 1.50 ERA against the Red Sox, that’s the best competition in the AL East and he has been dominate. While Tanaka might have the better stuff  then Sabathia it should be taken that C.C is a better all-around pitcher at the moment and if there is a tie breaker with the Red Sox that has a 1 game playoff it should be taken for consideration that he start that one for how good he has been against them.

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