Time for change at the Giants RB

Written By: Eric Pappas

Twitter: @Eric_pappas_2

The Giants Offensive line is miserable which does no justice to the run game, but still in 3 games no running back has run for over 30 yards and Paul Perkins has taken 20 steps back from how he looked at the end of last year. Here are some options to rebuild the run game.

Jeremy Hill

The Cincinnati Bengals have their future at running back in Joe Mixon and their 3rd down back is locked up in Gio Bernard. That leaves no role for Jeremy Hill except for maybe a goal line role, he’s also a free agent at the end of the year and with that situation he will most likely not resign. There is no reason why the Bengals wouldn’t want say a 5th or a 6th round pick for a 3rd depth chart player and the way the Jerry Reese drafts end of round picks don’t mean much.

Jeremy Langford

Jeremy Langford looked like the heir to Matt Forte in Chicago but injuries and the emergence of Jordan Howard Sullied that plan and he was cut. Still a free agent after a small stay with the Ravens Langford could be of actual use to the Giants and will probably come at the league minimum. Langford has averaged 3.5 yards per carry in his career which is not great but it is around league average and Langford is also a good receiver out of the back field and has the potential to be a bell cow if healthy.

TJ Yeldon

Another case of a running who has all the potential in the world but injuries slowed him down. Another factor in why Yeldon is expendable in Jacksonville is that they just drafted franchise running back in Leonard Fornette at 4 overall and he has shown that he is capable of handling the workload of passing and catching. Yelson is a fast runner that can catch and is 6’1 and has the capability to become a power back with speed If he puts on some good muscle. This is also another player that they can get for a late round pick as the jaguars have healthy scratched him the last 2 games.

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