Why the Giants will end 10-6 and getting the Wild Card

Written By: Eric Pappas

Twitter: @Eric_pappas_2

First off the defense is good and if Oliver Vernon doesn’t get hurt and have to miss the last possession I’d say they have a shot to win that game in overtime. But the real problem is the offense and I’m telling you right now it’s solved. Eli looked the best he has in 2 years in the 4th quarter and that’s because he was passing a lot and only running a little, people will say you have to run the ball to be a good team but that’s a lie. Eli was getting the ball out so quick the liability known as Ereck flowers couldn’t even give up a sack, and if you’re telling me a 3rd Cornerback can try and shut down either Sterling Shepard or Brandon Marshall while also trying to cover the athletic freak that is Evan Engram is with just a Linebacker and not a safety I’ll say pass whatever your smoking to Roger Lewis jr. because he’d love some. Not only will this passing barrage where hopefully Eli is throwing 45 times a game work but it might even open up some running room for whatever running back they put out there to run the inside zone split they always run. Next game is against the Buccaneers on Sunday and call me crazy but I think they go out there fired up with Eli Picking apart the bad secondary that they have they come out of Tampa 1-3 ready to start a big winning streak. People forget these same Gmen started 2-3 last year before ending it on a 9-2 run to bring it to an 11-5 record.

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