Get off my Jared Goff Hype Train

Written by: Eric Pappas

You’re not welcome here. I mean for the people people who said Jared Goff will be an above average QB now are the same guys who said he will be a bust during week 4 of the preseason.

Wanna know who the worst rookie QB of all time was?… Peyton Manning! While I’m in no way saying Goff will be anywhere near as good as Manning, I’m saying you don’t accidentally go #1 overall and you have to go through growing pains.

Wanna know another thing? When you’re the #1 pick you’re usually being drafted to a bad team. For example, Goff’s best WR was Kenny Britt and his line was atrocious.

This year his best WR is, when healthy, the explosive Sammy Watkins. Robert Woods is a solid #2 and rookie Cooper Kupp looks like a fine slot WR and with the addition of Andrew Whitworth at LT they have an above average line to help Goff and Gurley.

You may think how does this guy has any merit as to not being a bandwagon Goff fan, ill give you my Goff timeline.

  1. As many college students do I like to bet on Sports and for the 2015 Armed Forces Bowl I took Cal over Air Force at -7.5. Jared Goff proceeded to throw for like 500 yards 6 TD’s and they won by like 20.
  2. Declares for the draft and after a good amount of trades Rams have 1 and Eagles have 2. As a diehard Giant fan I saw this guy decimate a team through the air and I wanted him nowhere near the NFC East let those birds take the 5x National Champion look at the track record of the past Bama QB’s and they win all the time.
  3. Hard Knocks comes round and I just got the feeling that I’d love to watch this guy win
  4. I draft Russell Wilson as my QB in fantasy and he does nothing so I start starting different QB’s announcing I will start Goff the week he is named starter.
  5. Week 11 2016 I’m vs Paul Giuliano a weaker team in the league and my guy Goff gets the nod against the Dolphins. I claim if he wins me this week I will get his Jersey. He got me 6 points. But alas down 0.15 and vs Derek Carr with 1 minute left Derek took 2 knees to lose 2 yards and give me and Goff a .05 margin victory.
  6. Christmas day I’m giddy like a 6 year old as I open my present and It’s my Goff Jersey.
  7. Week 1 2017 Jameis Winston has his bye week 1 in a situation I hope get fixed soon and my prayers are out to all places hit by the recent Hurricanes, but alas I needed a QB and who do I turn to? Jared Goff. This time around he gets me 21.50 points and I win again without any knee’s.

So if you’re now a Goff believer you better not come to me and say you were one from the beginning because I know you’re lying and if you claim you’re not show me proof.

Jared Goff Fantasy Record: 2-0

ROY: 0

Carson Wentz Record vs Giants: 2-1 (Maybe they should have took Goff…).

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